Kuselan Film Review

Monday, August 04, 2008 |

While visiting the movie don’t think this as a rajnikant movie and visit, because you will miss many features of rajnikant film like fighting, super dialogues and super style. Rajni appears in this film less around 1 hour totally and also appears in 3 songs. This film was a different effort put by Vasu and Rajni. The movie contains sentiments, comedy and is about the friendship. This is a remake of Malayalam film Katha Parayumbol.

Kuselan is about the friendship between two childhood friends who meets after long time. One of them is a super star in the film industry while the other turns into a barber. Balakrishnan alias Bala (Pasupathy) is a poor barber in a village who lives with his wife Sreedevi (Meena) and children. This is when a film crew lands in their village to shoot for a movie. Balan learns that Ashok Kumar (Rajinikanth) has come for shooting in the village and came to know that he is his old childhood friend. Bala has a fear in meeting Ashok Kumar thinking that he may not identify him. People in the village came to hear that Balu and the Ashok kumar are childhood friends. After this everyone in the village give new respect to Balu and his family. The local money lender comes forward to help him to develop his saloon with all brand new modern equipments to just get to meet the Superstar.

But Balu because of ego, does not like to even pay a visit to the guest house where the Superstar is staying. But everybody force him to visit the Superstar and renew his relationship. How did the two friends meet finally and the emotional drama between them in the 20 minute climax

Pasupathy has really done his role very well as he has to make it up to superstar who dominates the screens. Meena has also done the role very well. Nayantara simply sizzles effortlessly, proving why she is the lead actress.

Many doubts in Rajinikanth's personal life like Himalayan trips, saint like life style and political interests, have been answered in this film.. In a face to face conversation between Rajini and a critic (Sundar Rajan), P Vasu exposes the other side of the Superstar well.

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