Transferring Money from pay pal to India was a big problem. For three reasons the charges applicable for transfer is high, second our banks should be in the list of banks which support this and third whether the transfer will successfully happen. You can select the following options for transferring from your paypal to your account.

1. Paypal
Using Paypal you can send money in 3 ways.

Withdraw funds to your bank account
For Banks in India, You have to pay Rs.50.00 INR for amount 7000 and more.For withdrawing funds You need to give Country, Name, Bank name,IFSC and account Number. For entering the IFSC,you can go to Rbi site and get the appropriate IFSC for your bank or call your bank customer care service and ask for IFSC code and submit it with the account number to transfer it to your bank.
Request a check from PayPal.
If you request by cheque You have to pay $5.00 USD as charges with a monthly limit of $5.00.
Withdraw funds to your card.
For withdrawing funds to your card you have to pay $5.00 USD as charges.

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Using Xoom you can easily transfer to India from papal. To send free transfer, you need to have minimum amount of $700 and it is applicable if you pay with US bank account. If it is transferred from papal charges are applicable. This is quick and easy to transfer amount from PayPal, VISA and MasterCard to India.

The following are the features provided in Xoom.Com
  1. Fee-Free Transfers to India
  2. Bank Deposit to any bank View banks
  3. Xoom offers fast deposits to any bank account in India.
  4. Pickup at 4577 locations View locations

Charges Applicable.
For $25.00 For paypal Transfer $9.99 is deducted.
Click here to visit Xoom.

So you have to decide based on the criteria of quick transfer,costs and security to decide to which options to select.

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