1. Google.
Google is one of the popular search engine where you can submit your site to get searched in Google search directories.

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2. Yahoo.
Yahoo is also one of the popular search engine where you can submit your site to get searched in Yahoo search directories.

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3. Live Search
Microsoft Search Engine Msn Live search is also a very popular search engine to search and find results.

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4. Ask.com
Ask.com search engine is also a popular site where you can search Web, Images, City, News, Videos, Maps and more. One cool thing is you can customize the search engine theme.

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Cuil.com was recently launched search engine which says it has the largest collection of pages indexed.

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Jayde.com is the Premier Business to Business Search Engine. You can find all your needs here.

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WhatYouSeek was also nice search engine where you can search the web and find sites matching your results.

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MixCat site is also a search engine where you can search for web, video,image and directories.

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9. InfoTiger
InfoTiger is also a search engine where you can search in the net and find matching results.

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SearchIt is also a search engine where you can search in the net and find matching results.

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I have reviewed below some of the sites where you can search to find a property or apartment for sale or rent in majour cities in India.

Sulekha Classifieds

In Sulekha classifieds you can find real estate properties in various locations within India. You can also filter your search. You can also put ads for property required in a particular area for this much cost and people will contact you. The users has the option to contact the seller through phone or sms or email by giving his number or email id. once call is given, a call is initiated between the seller and buyer.

Visit Sulekha Classifieds.

Indian property.com
Using Indian Property you can find houses or apartments for sale or for rent. The viewer can also customize search by selecting area or locality or by age of land or by price. The ful contact details of the seller is shown to the buyer. If the buyer wish to mail it he may mail it which is available in the site.Option for viewing floor plan or area map if provided by seller can also been seen in it.

Visit Indian Property.com.

In PropertyWala you can buy or rent your house. It also got many search features based on property type,location,budget and no of bedrooms. You can also create email/sms alerts so that when a new property is listed by seller, you will be mailed about it immediatly. You will be shown with the map of the area and you can zoom in to select house based on location.

Visit PropertyWala.

Using PropertyPlus the person who wants to find a house for rent or purchase can search and find places of sale or rent. Results are shown based on location, Sale/Rent, no of bed rooms ,property type. If you are intrested in a property, you can contact the corresponding person in that site itself by email.

Visit ThePropertyPlus.

using 99 acres you can find all type of apartment for sale or rent. The viewer can search by location, no of bedrooms,city, type of building,locality,project and pincode. In 99Acres you got the option to compare two properties. You can send queries to the corresponding property person by email or sms in the same site. you can also view the phone numbers of person to contact to. If you are intrested in a property you can also forward it to your friends.

Visit 99Acres.

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Hey guys I just came across a very nice Cooking contest which is Great American Sea food cook off
contest. The contest is One of America’s most prestigious culinary competitions, one chef and one state will walk away with the title of King of American Seafood. Governor Jindal issued the challenge for states to send us their best chef and most delicious domestic sustainable seafood. You can also vote for the contest. My favorite recipe is Colorado Striped Bass Panzanella Colorado - Chef Paul Anders of Colorado

Check this recipe out. It is very delicious and you can see this recipe and more in http://www.greatamericanseafoodcookoff.com/ where you get a chance to “Vote and Enter to Win a Trip to New Orleans” I would like to vote for this recipe for this chef. I voted because i liked this recipe and also would like to win a trip to New Orleans. So if you also would like to cook off
and win, go to http://www.greatamericanseafoodcookoff.com/. Cooking domestic seafood has its own benefits like it is very tasty and fresh. you can also get it locally. I am going to try out this recipe right now. These recipes are also very simple to do and nicely lookable to show it to visitors. These chefs are experts inhe reciepe  it so, you should rally check it out. So why not visit the website and try it out.

Morover the Reciepe looks very attractive and delicious to show it in your parties to your friends and relative to cheer them out. As it is also very tasty, you will attract more people to this recipe. Morover who would miss a chance to win a trip to new orleans free.

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

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Google Chrome Released

Thursday, September 04, 2008 |

During the last week the popular topic was about the Chrome Web Browser released by Google. One of the first impression was that chrome was a lightweight browser and has a lot of features like Application shortcuts and crash control.

Click here to download Chrome

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Microsoft is bringing a new way to identify ans show the systems which contains private copy of Windows XP Professional.

WGA blog says

With this update to WGA Notifications in Windows XP, we’ve implemented a couple of related features that draw on the notifications experience we designed for Windows Vista SP1. After installing this version of WGA Notifications on a copy of Windows XP that fails the validation, most users will discover on their next logon that their desktop has changed to a plain black background from whatever was there previously.

You can change the background to some other wallpapper but it will be reset to this black screen every 60 minutes.

Also, the user will see the addition of what we call the "persistent desktop notification." This notification is similar to a watermark but works a bit differently. The image (see below) appears over the system tray and is non-interactive in the sense that you can't click on it or do anything to it.

If you would like to say anything on this leave comments.

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