Chennai Night life

Saturday, February 02, 2008 |

It was late night and I was returning home after work. I was driving on the OMR Road. If it was not for the moon I couldn’t differentiate the time. I could see the roads busy with cars, two-wheeler moving around at this time like, as if it was daylight. I was searching for a hotel to eat and I found many big hotels open with bright lights and people are entering the hotel at late nights mostly with their partner and moving around slowly. If we take the Chennai before some 10 years this was not the case and now Chennai looks like New York – the city that never sleeps.

People started pouring in the hotels with their partners and seem to have a nice time till late nights. We have beginning to start adopting nightlife at an alarming rate. Many clubs are open these days till 11:00 pm. People start coming around 9:30, have wine, dance, had a nice time and then leave. Most people who come are IT people and businessmen. When we asked to an IT person he says “I got work all day from the morning to night in weekdays and coming around and hanging around at night helps to reduce stress levels and able to continue his work the next day fresh”. This was the case current days. The parents of the girls are also started mingling into this culture by allowing their sons or daughters to stay late.

Is this culture we are slowly moving into is a boon or a menace. Only the future can tell about it, but surely it will not be a boon. This culture makes us more spoilt.

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