Do you know a face but would like to draw the face to show to others, Or you would like to draw your dream girl/boy face or lover face. Then FlashFace is the right place for you where you can create the face back again.

Click here to visit FlashFace

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Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 was released by Microsoft with more features. The new IE8 has the following features.
Smart Address Bar,
When you type in the address bar the text will be highlighted with the list of sites from your history,feeds and auto complete.

Tabs with custom colors.
The new IE8 tabs when you Control+Click on a link from a site the new tab will open next to the current one and also inherit the same color of the tab from which it has come.

Smart Screen Features
In this new version, if a site is unsafe it will be shown to the user in the browser itself and ask whether to continue or not.

When you select a word and right click you have the option to translate in different languages and more with the new Ie8

Private Browsing
You can now add any sites you visit to Browsing History with InPrivate Browsing

Add Web Slices
You can keep with changes to the sites you care about most by adding web slices

See IE8 Features.
Download IE8 now.

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This is the most profitable source of advertising in the internet. It provides CPM ads and CPC ads. It displays results based on the 
keywords on the page. It displays contextual ads.

Visit Adsense now.

2. ClickSor
ClickSOR displays Only contextual ads.You can select from a wide range of media, such as text banners, graphical banners, pop-under advertisements, full page interstitial, search boxes, contextual inline links, layer ads and XML feed.

Visit ClickSor now.

3. Yahoo Publishing
This is Yahoo advertising network which gives CPC ads to publishers

Visit Yahooo Publishing now.

4. CeoAds
This is a CPM based advertising where you are paid traffic up to $3.6 CPM. This is applicable to United States,Canada,Australia,West Europe Traffic. Minimum payment is 3$. Payment can be made via PayPal.

Visit CeoAds now.

5. Hot PTP
This is a CPM based advertising where you are paid traffic at 1$ to 10$ CPM. This is applicable to US and Europe countries only.Payment is done through PayPal or Egold. No Minimum checkout needed.

Visit Hot PTP now.

6. Revenue Pilot.
  Revenue Pilot is a PPC ad Network. Every time a user performs a search on your website and clicks on a result that was bidded by an advertiser, you get paid.

Visit Revenue Pilot now.

7. RevResponse
Pay for downloading stuff on yourt site NetLine’s RevResponse, invites people to register for free and give away valuable content completely free!

Visit RevResponse now.

8. Pog Ads
  It provides layer ads, video ads,image ads, text ads, link ads for your website. A new feature Ad rotator will show your users more than one ad by zone on one single page load !!

Visit Pog Ads now.

9. Bidvertiser
 Bidvertiser is aCPC which puts ads relavent to the topics you select to show. This will be very useful where there are more number of clicks for the site.

10. Adbrite
  Adbrite is one of the popular advertising available after Adsense which pays for CPM and CPC of your ads. It provides text ads, Banners, Full Page Ads and inline Ads. Adbrite payment is Net-60 payment?.

Visit Adbrite here.

11. WidgetBucks
Dynamic, contextual widgets act as content (vs. ads) that more effectively targets your users, not the masses. Widget bucks will currently only work on a blog like wordpress, blogger and typepad.

PPC(Pay Per Click)

Higher eCPMs Hands down, WidgetBucks exceeds traditional publisher's CPM targets of $1-$2


12. Money4Banners
This advertisment is for people whose visitors are low and want to earn a decent revenue. All you have to do is place a 468*60 banner in 3 pages. You will be paid $5 every month to retain the Ad

Visit Money4Banners now.

13. Chitika
Chitika displays behaviorally targeted ads to visitors of your site.It only show to U.S. traffic, and since they are behaviorally targeted they will display to your U.S. search engine traffic (and certain other traffic)

Method of Pay: Check, Paypal
Minimum Payout: $ 25

Visit Chitika now.

14. Text Link Ads

You receive 50% of the sale price for each text link ad sold off your website through our system. you can display Text Link Ads on the same page with Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, and other contextually served ads. Our Text Link Ads product is not a pay per click or contextually served ad system.
Visit Text Link Ads now.

15. Shopping Ads
Shopping Ads displays relevant merchant ads on your blog. The relevant ads are shown based on the keyword we enter. Affiliate program is also available.
You earn money by CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per acquisition).

Visit Shopping Ads now.

16. Info Links
It display Relevant text advertising links for your site.Ads are tightly integrated with your content - no additional space required

17. TNX.Net
You can sell links on your site to advertisers.The price for each link is calculated automatically. It mostly depends on Google PageRank (PR) of each page, website category, link popularity, and number of outbound links. Receive payouts every month in advance, via PayPal, Check, Wire, or any other applicable payment method.

Visit Tnx.Net

18. ProfiBurner
ProfiBurner is a paid to promote network which is part of BGM Network Aliance Group.By placing their ads in your site you can earn revenue per cpm

19. BuzzLogic
Using BuzzLogic you can place ads on your site.By placing their ads in your site you can earn revenue per cpm. They also allow video ads

Visit BuzzLogic

20. CMF Ads
Using CMF Ads advertisers can purchase ads on your site based on the credits you define. Using the credits you can either purchase ads on other site or redeem for paypal. If you opt for paypal you will get 50% of the value of your credits when you reach the minimum amount.

Visit CMF Ads

21. LinkPayer

LinkPayer allows you to generate cash from the links that you post on your web site, blogs, forums etc, in-fact, any where you post a link you can use LinkPayer.

Visit LinkPayer

21. BackLinks

BankLinks allows you to buy and sell text link ads thus increase your search engine ranking. The price is based on the page rank of the site from whom you buy.

Visit BankLinks

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Transferring Money from pay pal to India was a big problem. For three reasons the charges applicable for transfer is high, second our banks should be in the list of banks which support this and third whether the transfer will successfully happen. You can select the following options for transferring from your paypal to your account.

1. Paypal
Using Paypal you can send money in 3 ways.

Withdraw funds to your bank account
For Banks in India, You have to pay Rs.50.00 INR for amount 7000 and more.For withdrawing funds You need to give Country, Name, Bank name,IFSC and account Number. For entering the IFSC,you can go to Rbi site and get the appropriate IFSC for your bank or call your bank customer care service and ask for IFSC code and submit it with the account number to transfer it to your bank.
Request a check from PayPal.
If you request by cheque You have to pay $5.00 USD as charges with a monthly limit of $5.00.
Withdraw funds to your card.
For withdrawing funds to your card you have to pay $5.00 USD as charges.

Click here to visit PayPal .
Using Xoom you can easily transfer to India from papal. To send free transfer, you need to have minimum amount of $700 and it is applicable if you pay with US bank account. If it is transferred from papal charges are applicable. This is quick and easy to transfer amount from PayPal, VISA and MasterCard to India.

The following are the features provided in Xoom.Com
  1. Fee-Free Transfers to India
  2. Bank Deposit to any bank View banks
  3. Xoom offers fast deposits to any bank account in India.
  4. Pickup at 4577 locations View locations

Charges Applicable.
For $25.00 For paypal Transfer $9.99 is deducted.
Click here to visit Xoom.

So you have to decide based on the criteria of quick transfer,costs and security to decide to which options to select.

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What is EntreCard?
Most people will be aware of EntreCard. EntreCard is a 125x125 image which represent a blog which can be paid to get advertised in other blogs and also be used to earn credits for advertising in your blogs. These credits have become popular that it is getting sold in ebays and other places. Click here to visit EntreCard.

You can purchase 1000 credits for $2.5 by sending me a eMail . Note PayPal is only accepted.

18 Reasons why you get less visitors from EntreCard.

If you noticed some people will get less visits from entre card droppers than other entre card droppers. The reasons are

1. Reason: Your website takes much time to load.
    Solution: Change the no of posts you show on your site and also reduce the widgets.

2. Reason: People could not find your entreCard widget easily.
    Solution: Put it in the page where the user does not need to scroll much to click.

3. Reason: You do not drop back on people who dropped you.
    Solution: Drop around 15 Ec atleast a day.

4. Reason: You drop on other blogs, which content is not related to your blog.
Solution: Drop on blogs related to your blog category.

5. Reason: You don't spend EntreCard points to advertise on other site. Do some advertising on other site.
   Solution: Advertise on other blogs and also on new blogs.

6. Reason: Your content is not updated in the past few days. If people wants to come
    Solution: If you are dropping on the same site, check whether your site content is updated, Or else he would see the same content and get bored. Or drop on some other site which you haven't dropped long.

7. Reason: Your site layout is not nice.
    Solution: Get some nice blogger layout.

8. Reason: Too Many Drops on same blog
    1Solution: Scramble drops on different sites.

9. Reason: You drop more at blogs where U Drop I Follow link is not there.
    Solution: Drop at U Drop I Follow displayed box often

10. Reason: You have too many widgets that it is hard to find EntreCard widget
      Solution: Reduce the widget and make your site load faster.

11. Reason: You spend earn and spend less credits a day.
      Solution: Try to earn more credits and adveertise.

12. Reason: You do not give credits for commenting or dropping in your blog
      Solution: Give some offers of Entre card credits to who put comments etc..

13. Reason: You do not show Top Droppers list or Recent Droppers List in your blog.
      Solution: People would like to have their site name as credit in your site for them dropping often. And if you didnt mention it they will drop on site where it is mentioned.

14. Reason: Blog contains Duplicate or boring content.
      Solution: If your blog is boring no one will visit it often. So give some good posts .

15. Reason: Your EntreCard Image is not attractive.
      Solution: People also click the EntreCard more often if it is more attractive. So design the image to look attractive

16.Reason: Too many ads in your blog and content is less.
     Solution: If the content is less and too many ads is there people would not like to drop you often as they need some benifit from visiting your site.

17.Reason: Your EntreCard image does not express what your blog content will be.
     Solution: The EntreCard Image should express what your content will be.

18. Reason: Your EntreCard image is not placed in the right place.
      Solution: Place your EntreCard image in the appropriate place where people will locate easily and where the image is usually placed in most of the sites.

You can also purchase 1000 credits for $2.5 by sending me a eMail. Note PayPal only accepted.

These are the reasons why you need to use entre card to boost your traffic

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Swag Bucks is a search based on Google and which allows you to search web, images, videos and news and see the results. You earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive You can earn SwagBucks by searching online. You can earn SwagBucks by referring friends and get up to $100. You can also earn SwagBucks for shopping online. Nowadays these kind of sites are becoming popular and give rewards to use their Search Engines.

Click here to take a peek at SwagBucks.

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WordTracker provides a free keyword suggestion tool to display results based on the keyword it search. You can find more profitable keywords which will leads to more visitors for your site.

Once you give the keyword and press hit me, it will display 100 results containing the keyword and the total no of search results. Based on this you can come to a conclusion on which keyword to give in your blog so that you can attract more visitors for your site.
Packages Available:
Annual Subscription - $329 USD
Monthly Subscription - $59 USD

Click here to visit the site.

2.SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool.

This is a nice keyword suggestion tool for bloggers. After you give the keyword  and pres submit you will see a table containing the keyword, WordTracker , Google daily est, Yahoo! daily est, MSN daily est Overall daily est Yahoo! and links to Suggest KW Discovery, Google Trends, Google Traffic Estimator, Google Suggest, Google Synonym, AdWords Keyword Tool, Quintura . Also link was provided to each field so that you can see the detailed search results of each one.
Another table was next shown containing links appropriate for the keyword to News Search, Directories, Blog Search, Tag Search, Thesaurus,Dictionary,  Encyclopedia, Classifieds, Products, Reviews, Local ,MSN, Answers, Audio, Video, Groups . You also have the option to export the results to csv file.

Click here to visit the site.

3.Keyword Suggestion by

Using Keyword Suggestion tool gives the result of the keyword ,total searches made for the keyword and the top bids for the keyword based on the keyword you have entered. There is also an option for keyword activity lookup where you can enter multiple keywords and see the results in a same page. This does not give the results of the keywords which is the cons in the search whereas multiple keyword search is a pros using this tool.

Click here to visit the site.
4.Keyword Suggestion Tool by Submit Express
It uses Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery to get keyword suggestions based on your keyword. They display the keyword and the search result for the keyword.

Click here to visit the site.

5.Keyword Discovery tool by Trellian.

This allows you to search keywords and find keyword suggestion based on the keyword you seached. It is aresearch tool which draws on a database of 36 Billion search queries from many different search engines around the world.
Click here to visit the site.

6.Keyword Suggestion by ADDGOOROO
Keyword tracking is a part of the product of ADDGOOROO. You can purchase the product to use the keyword tracking tool.

Click here to visit the site.

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Google Tamil News Launched

Friday, August 08, 2008 |

இன்றைய செய்திகள் வாசிப்பது கூகிள்.

Google Tamil News has been launched. The Google News Tamil edition indexes news from a large number of Tamil sources and automatically arranges these stories in different sections. In addition to the usual Google News sections, we have seperate local sections for Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, regions that are home to millions of Tamilians. You can see the latest tamil news in google. This was posted in google blog. 

Click here to see google tamil news.

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When you submit your feeds to google webmaster tools sitemap, it adds only 25 posts to the sitemap. Suppose i want to add all my posts to sitemap i have to give but if i have feedburner enabled it redirects to the feedburner page which still gives 25 posts only. Due to this i couldnt include all my posts in sitemap.

Solution: To solve this you have to remove the current rss feed link in your blog and add feedburner link. Next you have to add the link i have given below to your sitemap to solve. I have given below step by step how to do this.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard -->Setings>Site Feed. 
Clear the text in Post Feed Redirect Url and make sure it is empty.
Step 2: Go to Dashboard-->Template-->Edit HTML
Step 3: Click the 'Expand Widgets Templates' box.

Step 4:
<b:includable id='feedLinks'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'> <!-- Blog feed links -->
<b:if cond='data:feedLinks'>
<div class='blog-feeds'>
<b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>
Step 5:
Comment and enter your feedburner rss feed in between div like
<!--      <div class='blog-feeds'>
<b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>
<div class='blog-feeds'>

Step 6:
Go to Webmaster Tools --> Dashboard -->Your Site -->Sitemap -->Add Sitemap -->Choose Type --> Add General Web Sitemap -->Enter in My Sitemap Url is textbox the following atom.xml?orderby=updated&max-results=1000 and press Add General Web Sitemap button.

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#1. Calculate Monthly Interest payable.
The calculated monthly interest should be affordable for you to pay each month. Also think about the future. Plan for all contingencies so that at sometime even you cannot pay a month u should be get from other sources and pay and also repay the other sources.

#2. Give High priority to monthly reducing basis loan
Select a bank loan where the interest is calculated on a monthly reducing basis than on annual reducing basis. This will be useful to you in long run.
points to consider before taking a loan
#3. Fixed or floating rate.
You have to decide whether to go on a fixed rate or floating rate. Fixed rate will be useful at long run but the amount for which loan will be less than in floating rate. In Floating rate the interest rate is fluctuating and interest rate may be increased often. So before buying a loan you should first decide on this.

#4. How often is the Fixed or Floating rate changed in past years
You should enquire how often in the past 10 years have the fixed or floating rate changed by the bank. This will help you to decide whether to go for which rate and in which bank.

#5. Sign after understanding the full loan details
Don’t sign the loan till you have understood about the loan fully. Some people will say that details we can get it later and postpone it to make you sign. Sign only after you get all details and know what you are doing.

#6. Don’t sign loans because of low interest.
Don’t sign the loan blindly because interest is very low alone. There may be other factors, which also has to be given priority equal to this. So analyze all other factors before taking the loan.

#7. Check each clause of the document carefully
Many people sign the loan documents without reading some clauses fully. They face problem when a clause mentioned in the document will be an issue, because they have not fully read the document.

#8. Check payment penalty amount if loans are paid before.
Suppose if you are to pay the amount before the loan term expires, then the bank may levy you some penalty amount for paying it before. So ask this also before taking the loan.

#9. Enquire about the bank loan details to already availed customers.
Before taking up a loan ask your friends or people in family who have already applied the loan before. They may give you more tips and cautious information.

#10. Loan Interest is not Always Tax Deductible
Please note that loan interest is not always tax deductible. You should know the limit of tax, which will not be deducted from loan before proceeding.

#11. Better Customer Care Support.
You should also select the bank, which gives you better customer support. Some banks may be taking more time to reply the customers or ignorant. So in future if you got a problem or need to ask some details, they should be handled or answered by the bank.

#12. Beware of misleading offers
Sometimes there will be offers given by many banks on loan rates, which may be misleading. Unless you know the full detail and hidden costs of the loan do not accept it. Sign only after you understand the full details of the loan.

#13. Plan for extreme contingencies.
Plan for the extreme contingencies like the time when you were unable to repay the loan and what are the things you need to know for that. So you will be aware of the consequences and how to handle it.

#14. Have some Adequate cash reserves before applying loan.
It is best to have some cash reserves before applying the loan because after you apply the loan and start deducting the loan from your salary, you may need some cash reserves for contingencies

#15. Loans with Insurance.
It is better to take loan with insurance. People are adopting this in recent days. It will need a little extra amount alone where you can be safe.

#16.Analyse other charges that come with home loans.
There are other costs like processing fee, service fee that will be laid by the banks for the loans. So analyze all the charges applicable and plan accordingly.

#17. Payment of interest for which principal from which time.
First understand in detail when the first amount will be released by the bank to the builders and from when other amount will be released and how much you have to pay at each time.

#18. Other Benefits available.
Some banks will give good offers like free insurance or other benefits. This will give you more benefits than the other banks where you apply.

#19. Check whether you have mandatory documents.
Check whether you have all the documents the bank needs to take out the loan. Some documents will take some time to get. But the bank will give you a loan only if you have all the documents.

#20. In the long term you may be paying more.
Even if the bank offers is good you may end up paying more money in the long run. So you should be careful knowing the terms and conditions

#21. Single or joint loan to be decided.
If you are taking a loan and if both are working in a family, it is better to apply the loan in joint so that loan can be paid easily in less installments

#22. Consider your Income and future revenues.
Before applying the loan consider about your current income and what you will get in future and you will be able to meet both the loan and your personal expenses.

#23. Think twice before getting a loan.
Think twice before getting a loan because once applied you have to pay for the loan every month from your income so your income will also be reduced. So plan twice.

#24. Repayment time span.
Be careful while selecting the repayment span. It is best to. pay the loan in 10 years than 20 years. Keep in mind that you will be paying 2 or 3 times of your principal totally when the loan ends.

#25. Don’t get the loan for the sake of tax exemption.
Don’t get wrapped up in loan for the sake of loan exemption because you will be paying certain amount of money each month from your pockets.

Also see 25 things you must know before buying or renting an apartment.

In India Icici bank, HSBC Bank, UTI Bank, State Bank of India(SBI) are famous banks where you can apply for home loan.

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Search Famous Faces by FaceSearch

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 |

Do you know a person name who is famous but want to see his photos. Here FaceSearch brings you the option of searching a person name and find images according to it. FaceSearch is a search engine where you can search faces. FaceSearch is powered by google.
It is built using Google's image search—and using imgtype=face search parameter. The looks are very nice.I saw two limitations in this the search results are very low and only famous persons photos are appearing.Click here to search faces.

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Kuselan Film Review

Monday, August 04, 2008 |

While visiting the movie don’t think this as a rajnikant movie and visit, because you will miss many features of rajnikant film like fighting, super dialogues and super style. Rajni appears in this film less around 1 hour totally and also appears in 3 songs. This film was a different effort put by Vasu and Rajni. The movie contains sentiments, comedy and is about the friendship. This is a remake of Malayalam film Katha Parayumbol.

Kuselan is about the friendship between two childhood friends who meets after long time. One of them is a super star in the film industry while the other turns into a barber. Balakrishnan alias Bala (Pasupathy) is a poor barber in a village who lives with his wife Sreedevi (Meena) and children. This is when a film crew lands in their village to shoot for a movie. Balan learns that Ashok Kumar (Rajinikanth) has come for shooting in the village and came to know that he is his old childhood friend. Bala has a fear in meeting Ashok Kumar thinking that he may not identify him. People in the village came to hear that Balu and the Ashok kumar are childhood friends. After this everyone in the village give new respect to Balu and his family. The local money lender comes forward to help him to develop his saloon with all brand new modern equipments to just get to meet the Superstar.

But Balu because of ego, does not like to even pay a visit to the guest house where the Superstar is staying. But everybody force him to visit the Superstar and renew his relationship. How did the two friends meet finally and the emotional drama between them in the 20 minute climax

Pasupathy has really done his role very well as he has to make it up to superstar who dominates the screens. Meena has also done the role very well. Nayantara simply sizzles effortlessly, proving why she is the lead actress.

Many doubts in Rajinikanth's personal life like Himalayan trips, saint like life style and political interests, have been answered in this film.. In a face to face conversation between Rajini and a critic (Sundar Rajan), P Vasu exposes the other side of the Superstar well.

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