This is the most profitable source of advertising in the internet. It provides CPM ads and CPC ads. It displays results based on the 
keywords on the page. It displays contextual ads.

Visit Adsense now.

2. ClickSor
ClickSOR displays Only contextual ads.You can select from a wide range of media, such as text banners, graphical banners, pop-under advertisements, full page interstitial, search boxes, contextual inline links, layer ads and XML feed.

Visit ClickSor now.

3. Yahoo Publishing
This is Yahoo advertising network which gives CPC ads to publishers

Visit Yahooo Publishing now.

4. CeoAds
This is a CPM based advertising where you are paid traffic up to $3.6 CPM. This is applicable to United States,Canada,Australia,West Europe Traffic. Minimum payment is 3$. Payment can be made via PayPal.

Visit CeoAds now.

5. Hot PTP
This is a CPM based advertising where you are paid traffic at 1$ to 10$ CPM. This is applicable to US and Europe countries only.Payment is done through PayPal or Egold. No Minimum checkout needed.

Visit Hot PTP now.

6. Revenue Pilot.
  Revenue Pilot is a PPC ad Network. Every time a user performs a search on your website and clicks on a result that was bidded by an advertiser, you get paid.

Visit Revenue Pilot now.

7. RevResponse
Pay for downloading stuff on yourt site NetLine’s RevResponse, invites people to register for free and give away valuable content completely free!

Visit RevResponse now.

8. Pog Ads
  It provides layer ads, video ads,image ads, text ads, link ads for your website. A new feature Ad rotator will show your users more than one ad by zone on one single page load !!

Visit Pog Ads now.

9. Bidvertiser
 Bidvertiser is aCPC which puts ads relavent to the topics you select to show. This will be very useful where there are more number of clicks for the site.

10. Adbrite
  Adbrite is one of the popular advertising available after Adsense which pays for CPM and CPC of your ads. It provides text ads, Banners, Full Page Ads and inline Ads. Adbrite payment is Net-60 payment?.

Visit Adbrite here.

11. WidgetBucks
Dynamic, contextual widgets act as content (vs. ads) that more effectively targets your users, not the masses. Widget bucks will currently only work on a blog like wordpress, blogger and typepad.

PPC(Pay Per Click)

Higher eCPMs Hands down, WidgetBucks exceeds traditional publisher's CPM targets of $1-$2


12. Money4Banners
This advertisment is for people whose visitors are low and want to earn a decent revenue. All you have to do is place a 468*60 banner in 3 pages. You will be paid $5 every month to retain the Ad

Visit Money4Banners now.

13. Chitika
Chitika displays behaviorally targeted ads to visitors of your site.It only show to U.S. traffic, and since they are behaviorally targeted they will display to your U.S. search engine traffic (and certain other traffic)

Method of Pay: Check, Paypal
Minimum Payout: $ 25

Visit Chitika now.

14. Text Link Ads

You receive 50% of the sale price for each text link ad sold off your website through our system. you can display Text Link Ads on the same page with Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, and other contextually served ads. Our Text Link Ads product is not a pay per click or contextually served ad system.
Visit Text Link Ads now.

15. Shopping Ads
Shopping Ads displays relevant merchant ads on your blog. The relevant ads are shown based on the keyword we enter. Affiliate program is also available.
You earn money by CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per acquisition).

Visit Shopping Ads now.

16. Info Links
It display Relevant text advertising links for your site.Ads are tightly integrated with your content - no additional space required

17. TNX.Net
You can sell links on your site to advertisers.The price for each link is calculated automatically. It mostly depends on Google PageRank (PR) of each page, website category, link popularity, and number of outbound links. Receive payouts every month in advance, via PayPal, Check, Wire, or any other applicable payment method.

Visit Tnx.Net

18. ProfiBurner
ProfiBurner is a paid to promote network which is part of BGM Network Aliance Group.By placing their ads in your site you can earn revenue per cpm

19. BuzzLogic
Using BuzzLogic you can place ads on your site.By placing their ads in your site you can earn revenue per cpm. They also allow video ads

Visit BuzzLogic

20. CMF Ads
Using CMF Ads advertisers can purchase ads on your site based on the credits you define. Using the credits you can either purchase ads on other site or redeem for paypal. If you opt for paypal you will get 50% of the value of your credits when you reach the minimum amount.

Visit CMF Ads

21. LinkPayer

LinkPayer allows you to generate cash from the links that you post on your web site, blogs, forums etc, in-fact, any where you post a link you can use LinkPayer.

Visit LinkPayer

21. BackLinks

BankLinks allows you to buy and sell text link ads thus increase your search engine ranking. The price is based on the page rank of the site from whom you buy.

Visit BankLinks

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