Solar eclipse on Aug 1 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008 |

A total eclipse of the sun will occur on August 1st afternoon. The eclipse will be visible as a partial eclipse in India. The total eclipse will be visible in the northern and eastern parts of North America, Greenland and northern Europe. I came across this information in the web that the eclipse commences at 3.30 p.m. IST and end up at 6:30 p.m.

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In the current trend Getting placed in a good job with is very hard. Everyone is learning new skills to keep up to date with the market. For networking peoples there are lots of skills to learn and get specialized, and that too if they are Certified by cisco their future is rest assured. If a networking person chooses to do a certification in CISCO, he first has to decide whether to choose general or specialized certification. There are many specialized certification such as security, IP telephony, and wireless available.

Before applying for a certification the network professionals should fulfill the prerequisites for the certification if any, which is mandatory. You can find all details of certification provided by the Cisco here.

Getting a Cisco certification has its own advantages. It will easily help you to attain next levels in your career and boost your growth. You can overcome the obstacles and challenges in the networking easily.My friend was trying hard to move to next level in networking, but once he has done cisco certification he got a better oppurtunity in another company and got placed. Once you are Cisco certified, you can easily get placed in top companies. Nowadays many companies employ networking professionals who are certified. Even though you are well experienced in the networking field You will miss these kind of good opportunities because of certification. So it is better to do a CISCO Certification, which is an added advantage.

Click here to know more about Cisco certification

Sponsored by Cisco

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A new search engine cuil has been launched by Ex-Google Employees. It has more pages indexed than Google and presents results in a different way. It has indexed more than 120 billion web pages. I searched in cuil and could find lot of results but it was slow.
Click here to visit the site.

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KisMat Konnection Review

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 |

Kismat Konnection is a love story between Raj Malhotra(Shahid Kapur) and Priya (Vidya Balan). Raj malhotra is popular in his college days and even speaked to be the next cover of Time magazine. But After college life he is still struggling to prove that he is best architect. Whatever he is involving begins to fail for him. When he was trying to visit a crucial meeting on time he gets delayed and the deal fails because the client gets dead.

Whatever he tries fails, At that time he sees Hasina Bano Jaan (Juhi Chawla) in tv and visits her. she tells that his lucky charm is about to change when he meets his lucky charm. At this time he meets Priya (Vidya Balan) accidentally. he began to get lucky winning projects and began to relise that Priya was the lucky charm and even convinces her that he will save her beloved Community Center from destruction. Has his lucky charm will take him to new heights , will the lucky charm be with him , Only kismat connection can tell?

Shahid kapoor has put his best and acted well. Vidya Balan also looked nice in the film. The Film is a nice entertainment film to visit and come. The film is little slow in the first half the picks its pace.

SRK has done a voiceover for Kismat ...

Starring           : Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan
Directed by      : Aziz Mirza
Produced by    : Ramesh S Taurani
Written by       : Sanjay Chel
Music by          : Pritam
Distributed by  : Tips Industries

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At last, the day when iPhone will be released in India is August 18th. I found out this while i was surfing the web. Vodafone will release first on 18th August and Airtel will release it after 15 days.

Regarding the price and other information is not yet finalised. There are many iphone fans waiting in india to catchhold of the new iphone. To see a tour of how iphone is click here.

You can pre register your iphone on Vodafone.
You can also pre register your iphone on Airtel.

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Street Fighter 2 by JunkPlay

Friday, July 25, 2008 |

Time Waster of this week is Street Fighter 2 from THis was a PS2 game before which is now availabe at your pc itself to play. It is nice to fight and beat down the oponents. Come on give it a try, give some punches.

Click here to visit the site.

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Google has launched Knol, a tool which can be used to share articles with others. Anyone can write an article and publish it in knool. You can set any one of the licence Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 3.0 License, All Rights Reserved. You can also set who can do the edits of your article and more.

Viewers can rate the article, give comments to the article. The person who writes a new article will be able to add topics and reference to the article. You can also import a knol easily from existing articles in your computer. You can also add advertising to your article and earn money.

Click here to visit the site.

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How Moms can earn big $ at SocialSpark.

Thursday, July 24, 2008 |

Today in this fast moving world women are competitive to men and women who stays home to take care of their childrens feel that their potentials are wasted. Would you say no if you get an extra income easily by writing articles for SocialSpark and showing others about what you can.

 Moms can show how they can also take care of their family and also earn money easily at the free time by balancing their family life well. Here is a chance to prove that, write articles for SocialSpark and prove what you can. For the ladies who do part time work and take care of their children the rest of the time, can earn lots of money by easily writing for SocialSpark when they are free in the household.

Writing articles is ok but you want to know what is SocialSpark and why i am keen on insisting it. SocialSpark is a place for bloggers like you who can create sponsered posts for advertisers or socialspark in your blog. All bloggers and Mom Blogger who are free and want to earn more can take part in the oppurtunities SocialSPark provide and write good articles.

 It is as simple as writing an article, if you are gonna easily earn at home without much effort, then does it hurt you. First believe in yourself and give a try then all fame will follow you. It is very hard money these days and would you say no to this, come on try and then lets see about it. Click here to visit SocialSpark.

Dont you think it is easy and simple. Come on Moms pick up your pen and start writing. Once you become famous and earn more, you can tell your husband and kids and they will hug you and be proud of you and tell their friends about it. You will become famous.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

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ExploCity MyTime.
You can view all the current events and happening and also nightlife, eating out restaurents, shopping, Cinemas in the city ,arts, Exhibitions and Public Events, etc.. all in a single place in Mytime.

Click here to have a look.

Yahoo Events.
You can view all current happening in the city like events, movies for today or for any past or future date. Yahoo listdown all upcomming events in the city in its upcoming yahoo site. You can also search and find events pertaining to your intrests.

Click here to have a look.

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1.Take a walk.
Taking a walk outside is very good for your health and you will also have fresh While walking you will see many peoples of different style interacting which will change the mood and will make you come out of your depression. Go for a walk in crowded place for an hour to soothe out your depression.

2. Hear songs & music.
Hearing songs and music will also make you feel better. It will make the depressed person to keep his mind occupied with something. Hearing songs or music or radio an hour will relax your mind.

3. Work out gym or yoga.
Take a break and go to gym for working out your body. The gym environment and other peoples around will make you feel better and change your thoughts. You can also work out yoga. It is best if you don’t do at home.

Socialize with your friends and people around you more often. This will make you feel better and come out of the depressed mode. Make visits to your friends home often or hang out with them.

5. Change the mood.
Change your mood from depressed mode to thinking something better than thinking the same depressed thoughts. Think something happier to make you come out of the depressed mood.

6. Watch TV
Spend some time watching TV serials and movies shown in TV. This will keep your mind pre occupied so your mind will not have the same depressed thoughts.

7. Hang out with friends.
Spend an evening hanging out with your friends, visiting some pub or some new places or some exiting places in your location. As you are busy with your friends the depressing thoughts will be less.

8. Make yourself busy.
Make yourself busy at home. Do some housework in and around home to keep you busy. Do the work, which you thought would take some of your time. Keep yourself busy with some work to avoid depressing thoughts.

9.Take part in your friends & family events and occasions.
Try to take part in the events and occasions of your friends and family members. More people would have come and you will meet new persons to talk to. You will also meet old friends and relatives to talk to also.

10.Watch movies in DVDs or visit cinema theatres.
If you are free watch the movies in DVD’s that you have bought long back and didn’t have time to see. If you don’t have movies go to some cinema theatres ½ hr before the film starts, you will see lot of new peoples.

11. Visit Temples
Try to visit some temples near your locality. You will get a chance to meet your neighbors or your friends there to share gossips or happenings. This will divert your thinking and make you feel better.

12. Dear Dairy.
Spend some time writing your daily happenings in a dairy. This will also be useful for your future reference. This will also take some of your time so that your mind will be free from depression thoughts.

13. Expense tracker.
Spend some time tracking your daily expenses and revenues. Track this in some paper or in excel sheet for reference. This will take up some of your time daily which will also be useful and worthwhile. This will avoid some of your depression thoughts.

14. Help others or neighbors.
Some of your friends or neighbors will not have time to do some chores like paying bills, etc… You can help them out by doing these tasks. This will also be a favor you are doing for them.

15. Call your old friend.
Take your phone and call your old friend and say hi to him and talk to him for some time. This also helps out to free your mind from depression thoughts and relieve you.

16. Do Gardening
You can spend some time in gardening and nourishing your plants, which will free up your mind and also save you from the money you have to pay somebody for making this done.

17. Take a drive.
Take your car and go for a drive to some place and come. This will surely take off your mind with fresh thoughts and keep your mind from depression.

18. Be Creative
Do some creative work like you can paint or do some handicraft or weaving work. Doing some creative work will also make you happy and you will also earn from selling it.

19. Read a Book.
Take a novel or fiction book and start reading it. Once you start reading it your mind will be fully occupied with the story that you will forget about depression. You will be pre occupied with the story very much.

20. Daily Planning.
Give some time for planning your day daily. This will also be useful for your daily routine and also will keep depression thoughts away from you.

21. Talk to your neighbors.
Spend some time talking with neighbors. This will improve your relationship within your neighborhood and also keep your mind busy from depression thinking.

22. Think Anti Depression thoughts
Think the opposite way. Think that you don’t have depression and depression cannot conquer you and you can easily avoid it. Think that it is a temporary phenomenon and will go away.

23. Take some part time work.
You can take some part time work, which is of less effort. This will bring revenue and also make you preoccupied with some work, which will avoid depression thoughts from your mind.

24. Take a vacation.
Take some days off and go for a vacation to some distance location with your family and spend some time off from stressful life. New surroundings and new people will free up your mind and you will be much happier.

25. Write a Novel.
If you are good in writing books, write a story or book to pass some of your free time. You will be more occupied in this work that you wont get depression thoughts.

26. Go Browsing
There is lots of useful stuff available in the net to browse and learn. Do some browsing and learn new things. Your mind will be less occupied in depression.

27. Play Xbox or pc Games
Nowadays lot of games is being released. So why not buy an interesting game and play. You will be fully occupied in the game to think about other thoughts. If you have a pc you can go for pc games.

28. Concentrate more on work life.
Keep yourself busy with your work life that you will not even get time to think about depression. If you are too busy with something, then these thoughts will be reduced.

29. Do Blogging
Write some blogs in the net and share your ideas with them. You will get readers community and you will be more and more busy with this that you will have fewer thoughts about depression

30. Try Dating.
If you are a teenager, then you can try dating which is now popular around the world nowadays. You will be able to meet a new person and socialize yourself.

31. Keep a busy schedule.
Plan for a busy schedule from morning to night so that you will be too busy to even think about depression.

32. Entertain Others
Do some magic or juggling or other tricks, which will entertain yourself and others. Your mind will also be busy with something that these depression thoughts wont co

33. Sleep around
If you can sleep more, you can sleep in the noon also. While you sleep your mind will be at rest. This also helps you to avoid the depressive thoughts.

34. Join a big crowd for dinner.
Join your friends for a group dinner. This will take you more off at some interesting things that you will forget about depression.

35. Do Meditation.
You can spend some time in doing meditation, which frees up your mind and stress. This will really help to keep down your depression thoughts

36. Play Sports.
Try to take interest in some sports and play it. It will help your physical stamina and also more preoccupied. At least make inters in watching games if you can’t play.

37. Take away your mind from problems.
Take away your mind from problems. Everyone has problems in life. We should think it as an obstacle and start moving. Think it is only a temporary one and start moving.

38. Keep stress away.
Too much stress will also lead to depression. So plan for a personal life and also official life. Try to balance your lifestyle.

39. See inspirational shows and movies.
See some movies, which are inspirational ones. Hear some inspirational ones and try to change yourself from the depression thoughts.

40. Try to make yourself happy.
Try to do the activities, which will make you happy. This will help you in reducing depression.

41. Do some Social work.
Do some activities like helping people in old age homes or helping disabled people. This will help in mind satisfaction and also get you relieved from depression.

42. Visit parks or sanctuaries
Visiting calm places like parks, sanctuaries will make you feel better and also calm places will soothe your mind.

43. Read about people who have overcome life after much hurdles.
Reading the books of people who have overcome life with many difficulties will give you a positive approach. You will be much more mature after that and will know how to face your problems in life.

44. Try trekking, swimming, dancing or snow bowling.
Involve in activities like trekking, swimming, dancing or snow bowling to keep your mind busy with some fun, which will make you happier.

45. Keep the anxiety thoughts away
Anxiety is one of major factors, which leads to depression. Try to keep the anxiety thoughts away. Reducing anxiety is the foremost step to reducing depression.

46. The Worry factor
Don’t keep on worrying too much. Think the causes and solution for the worry and plan accordingly. If worries are reduced then you will slowly reduce depression thoughts.

47. Talk.
Try to talk with many people and spend time with them. You will learn lot of new things and also will keep you preoccupied with new thoughts.

48. Play with pets.
Keeping pets and playing time with them involves more time. You will be able to spend time with the pet, which will relieve you from unnecessary depression thoughts.

49.Don’t think too much about problems at night.
Usually the depression increases and goes to peak at night. Don’t think too much about problems at night. Think about it in the morning.

50. Dont stay idle.
Idle mind is a devil's workshop. If you are idle your mind will start thinking about some problems and make you more in depression.

51. Do Cooking and create new recipes.
Try cooking a new recipe and finding a different food today. Try to research new recipes. You will be more occupied with this that you will forget other thoughts. Try taking a recipe, which will take you long time. In the same time try new recipes.

52. Go Shopping.
Shopping will take your time and mind much more than you think. Try to go shopping to a location far away from your home. Your mind will be preoccupied with the shopping list that your depression thoughts will get lost in it.

53. Seek professional help.
Seek the professional help of doctors if necessary. They will explain it in a more understandable way of the patients.

54. Online Chat.
You can chat online and meet new friends and share your ideas with them. This will make your mood change from the depressed mood.

55.Positive Attitude.
Have a positve  attitude in life that you can get out of this depression and come out of it. This itself will make you come out of it.

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1. Intelius
Using this site you can find the people by their first name, last name and adress. You can also search by phone number and find the person you are searching for.

Search by name and address.
Search by city and state.
Search by Phone number.
Search by name and find email address.

Packages available
Limited Time Offer - $4.95! (Regular Price: $14.95)

Click here to visit the site.

2. Reverse Phone Detective
Using reverse phone detective you can search a phone number and find the details of the person. The city and stae of the phone number will be mentioned freely. For knowing full report you have to pay for it.

Features Available
Search By phone.
Packages Available
$39.95 - Premium Membership - Full Phone Report for (408) 719-8087 + Unlimited Reverse Phone Lookups for 1 Year (Best Value!)
$14.95 - Full Phone Report for (408) 719-8087

Click here to visit the site.
3. Reverse Phone Directiory.
Find people by phone number and lookup their name and street address. Lookup street addresses to find people and lookup their name and telephone number. Find people by name and lookup their phone number and street address. Lookup area codes and Find zip codes for every city and state. Find a company name and search by business type.

Search by cell phone
Search by name and state
Search by street address
Search by name
Search by business name and type.

Click here to visit the site.
4. US Search.
US Search is used to for people search, background search, criminal records and others. There is lot of search options available.

Search by phone number.
Search by name,age,city and state.
Search by address.
Search by maiden Name.
Search by Social Security number.

Packages Available
$19.95 - 24 Hour Pass.
$39.95 - Advanced People Locate.
$59.95 - Background Report.

Click here to visit the site.

 You can use switchboard to search based on name and address. This also uses intelius to find the details of the person you are searching for.

Features Available
Search by name,city and state
Search by name and state in public records
Search by phone number.

Click here to visit the site.

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New Templates Released by Google Docs

Thursday, July 17, 2008 |

Google has launched new templates to use for documents, Spreadsheets and presentations. You can also view the templates by most rated templates , most popular templates and hottest templates.

To select a template click here.

Before selecting a template you can preview it and then select it. To use the template click use the template button to use it. The excel templates are the most useful ones where it is customized for budget, accounts, calendar and more… Just select a template and the formulas are already build in.

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In the current world finding what you want can be achieved more easily by searching than by other means. Currently Google, Yahoo, Msn are the popular search engines which are mostly used to search. When the user searches these search engines, the search engines put sponsered search in the top of the searches  to generate revenues. Using Scour you can search and get the results of all these three engines to you in a single page. Morover Every Scour member is able to vote each listing up or down based on its relevance to their keyword as well as comment on their experiences with the site.

You will also get paid the time you took to search and get the results. This does not happen when you search in the popular search engines. you also get paid to vote and comments you give. Every member is awarded one point for every search, two for a vote and three for a comment with a maximum of 4 points a search. Once you aggregate at least 6,500 points you can cash them out for a $25 Visa gift card. Dont you think it is cool. You can also sort

Which Search Engines Searched?
Google, Yahoo, MSN

1 points for search
2 points for vote
3 points for comment

Your Fiends - 25% of their points.
6500 points -$ 25 visa Gift card.

Click here to sign up and start earning money.

2.homepages friends.
    This site allows shows the search results from yahoo. You will also have the options of gadgets, shops, my bookmarks, my blogs tabs available. Currently some of these tabs are only functional.

Which Search Engines Searched?

You                      50% of Total Search Revenue.
Your Friends          10% of their revenue from their searches.
Your Friends  +      5% of their Revenue
Your friends + +     2.5% of their Revenue

For a search you are paid $0.01

Click here to signup and to see the site

  You can use slashmySearch to search and get paid for your searches. SlashmySearch searches in sites Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, the Google and provide you results. It also has introduced search results from and They also provide a toolbar to search easily from your browser. It keeps track of what the user searches most and update their databases with this information. It also provides keyword lookup search facility. Thumbnail preview of search is also available.

Which Search Engines Searched?
Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, Ebay, Amazon

$0.25  per hour - up to $180 per month.
$0.15 per Refferal - up to $1080 per month.
$0.5 per hour - up to $750 per month

Click here to visit the site.

4.Search Cactus.
     Search Cactus is a search engine where you get paid to each website you visit through this site. This is available for U.S and canadian members only. All you need is to register in the site, then start searching or use Quick cash to get paid

$0.02 for single website
$3.00 for Registering

Click here to visit the site

Winzy is a search engine where you can search to win free prizes. While you are searching you will get an alert that you have won these. These winning happens randomly. So if you browse at the time and you are lucky. you will win it.

You will earn 1 point per search and can earn up to 30 points per day
Earn points just by searching on Winzy
Earn points by inviting friends to join Winzy
Each point is a free entry into our monthly sweepstakes

Click here to visit the site.

Blingo is a search engine which uses google to search and show results to the user. Each search you do is a chance to win prizes. They anounce the winner by selecting the person who search after the winning time. Those who are US members can only participate in this.

Each search (up to 25 per day) is a chance to win great prizes instantly.

Click here to visit the site.
7. SwagBucks.

Swag Bucks is a search based on Google and which allows you to search web, images, videos and news and see the results. You earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive You can earn SwagBucks by searching online. You can earn SwagBucks by referring friends and get up to $100. You can also earn SwagBucks for shopping online. Nowadays these kind of sites are becoming popular and give rewards to use their Search Engines.

Click here to take a peek at SwagBucks

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Filing income tax returns was hard work before in olden days. Now you can file income tax returns online easily. We are reviewing today the five ways where you can file taxes online. Dont forgot to file it before July 31st 2008 which is the last date for filing tax returns.

 Using this you can file returns online as an individual or professionals or corporate or tax return preparer.You need to register before for filing tax online. After your account is created you can file your tax  by giving the mandatory details like PAN No,name,address. After this you will be moved by step by step till all the details are collected. Then you have to make payment before you can get the statements . Then you can download the ITR-V and submit it ot income tax department.

If you select individual then you can pay the amount at the time of filing the return.
If you select professionals then Chartered Accountant and Income-tax practioners can help their individual assessee to file their IT return.
If you select Trp then Tax Return Preparers can help individual assessee to file their IT return.

The one point i noted it once i have created an account i cannot delete it.

Who Can File?
Salary income people.

Packages Available
 1.199 - Individuals

click here to visit the site.

Tax smile is an initiative by 3i infotech for filing tax online easily. Using Tax smile you can start by creating a new user. After that  using step by step guidelines you can enter the details for filing
tax returns.

Who can file ?
Salary income people,
Rental income from house or property,
Other Income such as Interest, Dividend, Gifts, Family Pension, Agricultural Income, Winnings etc... can file tax returns using tax smile

Packages Available
1. 250 - File yourself.
2. 400 - File with an expert.
3. 750 - Leave it to us.

click here to see the site.


Tax preparation and filing is made easy by tax spanner. Using Tax spanner you can file tax online using digital signature certificate.If you file using digitall signature much of the steps are reduced.

Who can file?
Add interest income from as many sources.
Any residential status, NRIs as well as Residents, can file.
Any income from one house property.
Add income from dividend, gifts, winnings, and income from other sources.

Packages Available.
1. 249 - TaxSpanner Quick.
2. 449 - Tax Spanner Advanced.
3. 749 - Tax Spanner Signature.

click here to visit the site.

You can use taxyantra to file tax online hassle free and maintain your history of tax filing online. It is encrypted and safe to use.

Who can file?
Individuals residing in india and nri with
Income tax from Salary (single/multiple form-16s)
Interest Income.
Income from single/multiple house properties.
Capital gains/losses from securities.
Simple case of capital gains/losses from house property.

Packages Available.
1. 100 - Retail basic - Self File
2. 250 - Retail basic - File using taxyantra pickup and file
3. 300 - Retail Deluxe - Self File.
4. 450 - Retail Deluxe - File using taxyantra pickup and file.

click here to visit the site.

To File returns un Taxshaxm, a person has to register himself and  using the features offered prepare a tax plan and make it ready for filing. After that he has to print ITR form and sigh it and submit it to the tax authorities or download xml file and upload it in the income tax website.

Who can file?
Individuals - Income from salary
Capital Gains
Income from House property

Packages Available?
1. 181 - Basic
2. 324 - Silver
3. 524 - Gold

click here to visit the site

Note: All the packages available prices mentioned are at the date and time of posting this article. These packages prices and features may change in the future.

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Finding a house for rent  needs lot to plan, In the case your are planning to buy an will need more planning and precaution. Here are the things which you need to plan before selecting an house for rent or buying it.

#1. Check the Location.
     First check the location where the house is located and how well it is popular. Check if it is in a too remote place or in the heart of the city, the reason being you have to travel that much distance from your work and other places.

#2. Distance from the city.
     Calculate the distance to reach from your house to the city. If the distance is too high, Check whether you have the mode of transport to reach your house. How will it affect your children. It will  be better if your house is some distance away from the city but not in remote area.

#3. Shops & Restaurents.
     Check  the local nearby restaurants and shops available near to your house. Calculate how long will it take to reach your house. This will be important to you for deciding whether to purchase grocerries once a week or often. This will also be applicable for other things also to determine whether you can reach it  easily.
#4. Drainage.
    Check whether proper drainage system is available in the roads nereby where you plan to purchase your home. If proper drainage system is not available, then during rainy seasons your area may get floodded with rain water which will make your transportation to your home harder. It will also bring more diseases due to rainwater stagination. The worst  factor is these water  may enter into your home sometimes if your house is in ground floor.

#5. Pleasantness of location
   Also consider whether the area you plan to buy is pleasant. Also check whether it will be more pleased to live for your kids also and to playa round, cycle around. Check whether it is safe for them to move around freely in neighbourhoods.

#6. Security.
     This is a very important factor you have to consider before selecting a house. Check whether the apartment has a security guard hired or not. If not hired then you have to discuss with other tenants to hire one for safety. Check about the current thefts in the area for further evaluation.

#7.  Pollution
   Check the amount of pollution in the area. if the area is in the heart of the city then there will be more pollution. If it is in the outskirt of city pollution will be less. The pollution affects your health also. In the case ofmetropolitan city the pollutions are very high.

#8. Land value appreciation
   Calculate the value of the area after certain years in  future and whether there is a scope for better appreciation should also be considered before finalising the purchase of house. Also check the land value of the nereby flats.

#9. Access to Bus or Train.
      If Bus or train acess is nearer to the house  then it adds more value to the house. Many people find houses near by to bus or train access so that it would be easy for them to move from a place to another. You can also sell it in the future.

#10. Which Floor 
     In these days you cannot build individual houses in a metropolitan city. It consists of apartments mostly. So if your apartment is in the last floor, In hot countries during summer it is hard to live with. So the floor where your flat should also be considered.

#11. Maintainance Charges
   If you are planning to move to apartment, then check on the maintainance cost of the apartment. Usually the more the no of flats in an apartment, the maintanance charges becomes less and vice versa. So this also needs to be considered. Maintainance cost also include water taxes, security fees, other general utilities available in flat,lift electricity, other lightning available in general.

#12. How old is the buiding.
  If the building is older then you should compare it with the price you give and see whether it is worth or not. If you buy some old building you will be stuck up with too much costs to modify the place to make it working. There may be leaked pipes or burnout wires which we will  be able to know when checked in detail.
#13. Disturbances nearby.
       Also check whether there are other disturbances nereby. For example there was a bar nereby to my friend apartment which was too much disturbance where always noises and fights are there.

#14. Transportation mode.
    Transportation is a very important factor. You should find whether the house you are moving to and the transportation you have can take you across the city. If you cant be able to reach your place with the mode of transportation you have within the time, then you cannot live there.

#15. Gyms, hospitals, schools nereby.
   If gym, hospitals, school facilities are available nere to your house you plan to move to, then it would be much easier for you to take your childrens to the school, attend in time of sickness and go to gym without too much to travel.

#16. Traffic density.
  Look at the traffic density of the area where you plan to buy the house. If it is more traffic then the time to reach your home from your work. It will also take more time to reach from your place to other places.

#17. Gardens, parks.
    If gardens, parks are in the area where you live then it will be more pleasant to live by. The more greener it is the more pleasent the place will be to live. Childrens will also find it more happier the place to play.

#18. Lifts facility

   If your house is not in ground or first floor, not all the time you can take lifts. So lift facility should be there and also backup generators should be there in the time of power failiures.

#19. Car Parking available.
   Check whether car parking is available and the no of cars which can be parked if you are purchasing a flat. Also check whether it is roof covered and whether it is a common area or a specific place. Common area will be problem in many times, it is better to move to a specific car parking area. In some area you have to pay for the car parking an extra fee while you buy a flat.

#20. Water supply and other amneties.
  You should also check whether water supply is comming correctly in the new area or not. Also check how it is handled if due to some problem there is a big water shortage.

#21. Enquire your Neighbours.
    Before moving just have a casual visit to the flat and enquire about the flats and any problems they are currently facing etc... This will give you a more clear cut idea before moving in.

#22. Enquire about the builders and about the agrement proof.
    If it is a new flat then enquire about the builders of the flat and other details. If you are buying an old one enquire about the agrement and whether it is original or not.

#23. Resale Value/Rent Increase.
  The house you are going to buy should have a good return for you in future. This you can get  by calculating the resale value of the flat after a certain years. If your are renting then there should not be increasing in rent more often which will hit your budget.

#24. Is the sqft enough for your family.
   Will the sqft of the house you are going to move to will accomodate your family now and also in your future. This should be considered before selecting the house. You should not decide this with your current family count, but also with your future family count.

#25. Ask the experts.
   It is better to ask the persons who are expertise in this field before proceeding to move. Just ask for an advise by giving the location and the house you are going to move in.

#26. Write down the features you need first.

   Be clear in what you want and note it down. So while you are visiting a house you can ask them all the points and get clarified, Or else you may forgot some points and remember late only.

#27. Don't compromise too much.
    Don't get compromised after seeing some flats and finalizing the one even if it meets only part of your requirements. Accept only if the features you want is there or else you can always search for another one.

If you have some tips other than this then please put on comments.

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Yahoo! Search BOSS Launched

Thursday, July 10, 2008 |

Boss is Yahoo!'s open search web services platform which is newly launched. BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is for developers or companies who wants to launch web-scale search products. Boss provides search that utilize the entire Yahoo! Search index.
BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is different – it’s a truly open API with as few rules and limitations as possible. Currently the following uses this Boss Search.
hakia is a semantic search engine. This uses Yahoo Boss Technology.
Click here to visit the site.

2.Me.dium - Be Social when you search
Me.dium is search engine which searches what the crowds are surfing.The users can find the news, reviews, pictures and videos that are hot, right now, according to crowds of people.
Click here to visit the site.

3. DayLife.
Daylife’s  is a new customization wizard lets anyone make their own version of Daylife and launch a news portal in minutes, in their own voice, brand, and feel.
Click here to visit the site

The Cluuz search engine is different from traditional search engines in that we don't only show the links to result pages but we also show entities (people, companies, organization, phone numbers, concepts, etc.) and images that are extracted from within the search results. It is
like peering into the documents to see ahead what is important. This helps you find the results that you are looking for faster.

Click here to visit the site.

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