Sleeping is very important part of day to day activity. To get good energy daily, atleast 6 hours of sleep is required, but it is better that we sleep around 8 hours a day. Here are some tips to make you sleep better.

1. Keep a sleep routine.
     It is better to follow a sleeping routine time daily. Try to follow the time pattern by going to sleep at the same time you go to sleep daily. dont fluctuate your timings by going a day late to sleep and another day early. By keeping a sleep routine you will be able to sleep at the certain time.

2. Use proper blindfolds/curtains to cover excessive lighting.
     It is hard to sleep if lightning like street lights fell in your room through the windows. Use proper blindfolds or curtains to cover it so that your room is dark enough. If you need a little light to sleep, you can use good night lamps which are available.

3. Avoid Night Shifts/Night working.
     It is better to avoid night shifts or working at night to finish off your work/assignments etc.. This leads to less hours of sleep and your sleeping routine also get disturbed. It is best to sleep in night and work in the morning hours.

4. Avoid sleeping in day time.
     Try to avoid sleeping at day time. Due to sleeping at day time your night time sleep may get disturbed, and your falling asleep gets delayed due to this. It is better to get a sound sleep at night than sleeping in both day and night.

5. Avoid Caffeine, Tobacco, Alcohol
    Try to avoid caffeine,tobacoo, alcohol which leads to a better sleep. If you cant completely avoid it, take it in less quantity and gradually reduce it.

6. Exercise, take walk daily or do yoga.
      Daily exercise or taking a walk daily will boost your sleep time and the time taken to going to sleep. When your body gets tired due to exercise or walk you will need sleep to get back your energy back. You can also take yoga classess for better sleep. This also leads to sound sleep.

7. Eating food early at night.
      Taking food atleast before 1 hour from your sleep time will boost your sleeping habit. Also avoid eating items before going to sleep. This may make you take time going to sleep. After eating food, it needs some time to gets digested. So if you sleep after you had your dinner, then it may not get digested properly and  this may lead to awakening in night.

8. Take a shower before going to sleep.
    Taking a shower before going to sleep will increase your sound sleep. Many have noticed a change after taking shower and the going to sleep. Take a shower and give a 10 minute gap before going to sleep.

9. Avoid drinking too much fluids before going to sleep.
    Drinking too much water and going to sleep may urge you in the middle of the night to urinate. This gets into practice and you wake everyday in the middle of the night and this disturbs your sleep. It is better to take less fluids at night time.

10. Hear music to get you to sleep.
     Hearing music and songs will tend you to sleep more quickly than it will take time to sleep. The pleasentness of the music will surely reduce the time taken to sleep.

11. Reading books at night.
     Reading books at night will drift you to sleep more quickly. Try to read an intresting novel or other books at night to sleep soon. This has worked out for me very well. This will also improve your reading habit.

12. Reduce stress for better sleep.
    Reducing stress will leads to sound sleep. Try to avoid thinking about your problems are keeping your mind pre occupied with a study where you dont know the solution to the problem and try harder to find an answer.

13. Reduce anxiety thoughts
    Anxeity thoughts about a illness or work related problems or anxiety about things going to happen will take a long time to sleep. By avoiding these thoughts you can sleep better.

14. Avoid watching Tv/computers before going to sleep.
     It is better to avoid watching tv's or computer before going to bed. This results in not getting sound sleep for some. Avoiding this will increase your sleeping and the time taken to sleep.

15.Avoid sleeping tablets.
    Try to avoid sleeping tablets. Once you have started to use sleeping tablets then you will be tempted to use the tablets more and more often. This will make your sleeping habit worser when you are not taking tablets.

16. Meditation
Try to do do meditation to increase your sleeping quality. Meditation will also reduce your stress and anxiety. Try to do 15 to 30 minutes of meditation daily.

17. Make your bedroom noise free from outside.
   If you are getting too much noise disturbance from outside, your sleep will get disturbed. Try to make your room noise free by closing the windows or use earplugs to prevent the noise from disturbing your sleep.

18. Adjust your Room Temperature accordingly.
   If your room has too much humidity, try using air conditionars and try to make the room temperature pleasant for you to sleep. This will increase your sleep quality.

19. Dont look hard on the clock more often.
   If you keep looking on the clock for time too often, the more you will be delayed with the sleep. try to look away from the clock and put your mind elsewhere from the clock. Try not to put clock in the room where you sleep.

20. Try Dreaming on what intrests you.
   If you are not falling asleep, try to dream something which intrest you and dream about it and you will be gradually sleeping after some time. This method was my favourite one and i fall asleep quickly.

21. Do some tasks to get you busy till you sleep.
    If you are not getting sleep, get out of the bed and try to involve doing some busy tasks, This will make you tired and you will start feeling sleepy.

22. Dont keep your mind preoccupied with the thought that you were unable to fall asleep.
    Dont keep thinking about the fact that you got a problem falling asleep or you cant fall asleep. Due to these thoughts itself your sleep quality will get reduced. Try thinking some nice things happened to you.

23. Hear stories or write something.
    Hearing stories may drift you to sleep sooner than you think. If still sleep dosen't come then take a paper or pen and start writing down something till you get feeling sleepy. This will be helpful for many people.

24. Use natural herbs to sleep better.
   You can use natural herbs which does not cause any side effects to make you sleep better. But remember to use these herbs after you know too well about these herbs.

25. Visit your doctor.
      If all the above given techniquex fails, try visiting a doctor and ask for some advice. He will be able to sort it out and give some medicine if you really need it.

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