Filing income tax returns was hard work before in olden days. Now you can file income tax returns online easily. We are reviewing today the five ways where you can file taxes online. Dont forgot to file it before July 31st 2008 which is the last date for filing tax returns.

 Using this you can file returns online as an individual or professionals or corporate or tax return preparer.You need to register before for filing tax online. After your account is created you can file your tax  by giving the mandatory details like PAN No,name,address. After this you will be moved by step by step till all the details are collected. Then you have to make payment before you can get the statements . Then you can download the ITR-V and submit it ot income tax department.

If you select individual then you can pay the amount at the time of filing the return.
If you select professionals then Chartered Accountant and Income-tax practioners can help their individual assessee to file their IT return.
If you select Trp then Tax Return Preparers can help individual assessee to file their IT return.

The one point i noted it once i have created an account i cannot delete it.

Who Can File?
Salary income people.

Packages Available
 1.199 - Individuals

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Tax smile is an initiative by 3i infotech for filing tax online easily. Using Tax smile you can start by creating a new user. After that  using step by step guidelines you can enter the details for filing
tax returns.

Who can file ?
Salary income people,
Rental income from house or property,
Other Income such as Interest, Dividend, Gifts, Family Pension, Agricultural Income, Winnings etc... can file tax returns using tax smile

Packages Available
1. 250 - File yourself.
2. 400 - File with an expert.
3. 750 - Leave it to us.

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Tax preparation and filing is made easy by tax spanner. Using Tax spanner you can file tax online using digital signature certificate.If you file using digitall signature much of the steps are reduced.

Who can file?
Add interest income from as many sources.
Any residential status, NRIs as well as Residents, can file.
Any income from one house property.
Add income from dividend, gifts, winnings, and income from other sources.

Packages Available.
1. 249 - TaxSpanner Quick.
2. 449 - Tax Spanner Advanced.
3. 749 - Tax Spanner Signature.

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You can use taxyantra to file tax online hassle free and maintain your history of tax filing online. It is encrypted and safe to use.

Who can file?
Individuals residing in india and nri with
Income tax from Salary (single/multiple form-16s)
Interest Income.
Income from single/multiple house properties.
Capital gains/losses from securities.
Simple case of capital gains/losses from house property.

Packages Available.
1. 100 - Retail basic - Self File
2. 250 - Retail basic - File using taxyantra pickup and file
3. 300 - Retail Deluxe - Self File.
4. 450 - Retail Deluxe - File using taxyantra pickup and file.

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To File returns un Taxshaxm, a person has to register himself and  using the features offered prepare a tax plan and make it ready for filing. After that he has to print ITR form and sigh it and submit it to the tax authorities or download xml file and upload it in the income tax website.

Who can file?
Individuals - Income from salary
Capital Gains
Income from House property

Packages Available?
1. 181 - Basic
2. 324 - Silver
3. 524 - Gold

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Note: All the packages available prices mentioned are at the date and time of posting this article. These packages prices and features may change in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Nice article. Now tax filing has really been very easy.

Anonymous said...

use promotion code 'TSTHANKYOU99' in taxspanner & file your return for just Rs 99/-

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