1.Take a walk.
Taking a walk outside is very good for your health and you will also have fresh While walking you will see many peoples of different style interacting which will change the mood and will make you come out of your depression. Go for a walk in crowded place for an hour to soothe out your depression.

2. Hear songs & music.
Hearing songs and music will also make you feel better. It will make the depressed person to keep his mind occupied with something. Hearing songs or music or radio an hour will relax your mind.

3. Work out gym or yoga.
Take a break and go to gym for working out your body. The gym environment and other peoples around will make you feel better and change your thoughts. You can also work out yoga. It is best if you don’t do at home.

Socialize with your friends and people around you more often. This will make you feel better and come out of the depressed mode. Make visits to your friends home often or hang out with them.

5. Change the mood.
Change your mood from depressed mode to thinking something better than thinking the same depressed thoughts. Think something happier to make you come out of the depressed mood.

6. Watch TV
Spend some time watching TV serials and movies shown in TV. This will keep your mind pre occupied so your mind will not have the same depressed thoughts.

7. Hang out with friends.
Spend an evening hanging out with your friends, visiting some pub or some new places or some exiting places in your location. As you are busy with your friends the depressing thoughts will be less.

8. Make yourself busy.
Make yourself busy at home. Do some housework in and around home to keep you busy. Do the work, which you thought would take some of your time. Keep yourself busy with some work to avoid depressing thoughts.

9.Take part in your friends & family events and occasions.
Try to take part in the events and occasions of your friends and family members. More people would have come and you will meet new persons to talk to. You will also meet old friends and relatives to talk to also.

10.Watch movies in DVDs or visit cinema theatres.
If you are free watch the movies in DVD’s that you have bought long back and didn’t have time to see. If you don’t have movies go to some cinema theatres ½ hr before the film starts, you will see lot of new peoples.

11. Visit Temples
Try to visit some temples near your locality. You will get a chance to meet your neighbors or your friends there to share gossips or happenings. This will divert your thinking and make you feel better.

12. Dear Dairy.
Spend some time writing your daily happenings in a dairy. This will also be useful for your future reference. This will also take some of your time so that your mind will be free from depression thoughts.

13. Expense tracker.
Spend some time tracking your daily expenses and revenues. Track this in some paper or in excel sheet for reference. This will take up some of your time daily which will also be useful and worthwhile. This will avoid some of your depression thoughts.

14. Help others or neighbors.
Some of your friends or neighbors will not have time to do some chores like paying bills, etc… You can help them out by doing these tasks. This will also be a favor you are doing for them.

15. Call your old friend.
Take your phone and call your old friend and say hi to him and talk to him for some time. This also helps out to free your mind from depression thoughts and relieve you.

16. Do Gardening
You can spend some time in gardening and nourishing your plants, which will free up your mind and also save you from the money you have to pay somebody for making this done.

17. Take a drive.
Take your car and go for a drive to some place and come. This will surely take off your mind with fresh thoughts and keep your mind from depression.

18. Be Creative
Do some creative work like you can paint or do some handicraft or weaving work. Doing some creative work will also make you happy and you will also earn from selling it.

19. Read a Book.
Take a novel or fiction book and start reading it. Once you start reading it your mind will be fully occupied with the story that you will forget about depression. You will be pre occupied with the story very much.

20. Daily Planning.
Give some time for planning your day daily. This will also be useful for your daily routine and also will keep depression thoughts away from you.

21. Talk to your neighbors.
Spend some time talking with neighbors. This will improve your relationship within your neighborhood and also keep your mind busy from depression thinking.

22. Think Anti Depression thoughts
Think the opposite way. Think that you don’t have depression and depression cannot conquer you and you can easily avoid it. Think that it is a temporary phenomenon and will go away.

23. Take some part time work.
You can take some part time work, which is of less effort. This will bring revenue and also make you preoccupied with some work, which will avoid depression thoughts from your mind.

24. Take a vacation.
Take some days off and go for a vacation to some distance location with your family and spend some time off from stressful life. New surroundings and new people will free up your mind and you will be much happier.

25. Write a Novel.
If you are good in writing books, write a story or book to pass some of your free time. You will be more occupied in this work that you wont get depression thoughts.

26. Go Browsing
There is lots of useful stuff available in the net to browse and learn. Do some browsing and learn new things. Your mind will be less occupied in depression.

27. Play Xbox or pc Games
Nowadays lot of games is being released. So why not buy an interesting game and play. You will be fully occupied in the game to think about other thoughts. If you have a pc you can go for pc games.

28. Concentrate more on work life.
Keep yourself busy with your work life that you will not even get time to think about depression. If you are too busy with something, then these thoughts will be reduced.

29. Do Blogging
Write some blogs in the net and share your ideas with them. You will get readers community and you will be more and more busy with this that you will have fewer thoughts about depression

30. Try Dating.
If you are a teenager, then you can try dating which is now popular around the world nowadays. You will be able to meet a new person and socialize yourself.

31. Keep a busy schedule.
Plan for a busy schedule from morning to night so that you will be too busy to even think about depression.

32. Entertain Others
Do some magic or juggling or other tricks, which will entertain yourself and others. Your mind will also be busy with something that these depression thoughts wont co

33. Sleep around
If you can sleep more, you can sleep in the noon also. While you sleep your mind will be at rest. This also helps you to avoid the depressive thoughts.

34. Join a big crowd for dinner.
Join your friends for a group dinner. This will take you more off at some interesting things that you will forget about depression.

35. Do Meditation.
You can spend some time in doing meditation, which frees up your mind and stress. This will really help to keep down your depression thoughts

36. Play Sports.
Try to take interest in some sports and play it. It will help your physical stamina and also more preoccupied. At least make inters in watching games if you can’t play.

37. Take away your mind from problems.
Take away your mind from problems. Everyone has problems in life. We should think it as an obstacle and start moving. Think it is only a temporary one and start moving.

38. Keep stress away.
Too much stress will also lead to depression. So plan for a personal life and also official life. Try to balance your lifestyle.

39. See inspirational shows and movies.
See some movies, which are inspirational ones. Hear some inspirational ones and try to change yourself from the depression thoughts.

40. Try to make yourself happy.
Try to do the activities, which will make you happy. This will help you in reducing depression.

41. Do some Social work.
Do some activities like helping people in old age homes or helping disabled people. This will help in mind satisfaction and also get you relieved from depression.

42. Visit parks or sanctuaries
Visiting calm places like parks, sanctuaries will make you feel better and also calm places will soothe your mind.

43. Read about people who have overcome life after much hurdles.
Reading the books of people who have overcome life with many difficulties will give you a positive approach. You will be much more mature after that and will know how to face your problems in life.

44. Try trekking, swimming, dancing or snow bowling.
Involve in activities like trekking, swimming, dancing or snow bowling to keep your mind busy with some fun, which will make you happier.

45. Keep the anxiety thoughts away
Anxiety is one of major factors, which leads to depression. Try to keep the anxiety thoughts away. Reducing anxiety is the foremost step to reducing depression.

46. The Worry factor
Don’t keep on worrying too much. Think the causes and solution for the worry and plan accordingly. If worries are reduced then you will slowly reduce depression thoughts.

47. Talk.
Try to talk with many people and spend time with them. You will learn lot of new things and also will keep you preoccupied with new thoughts.

48. Play with pets.
Keeping pets and playing time with them involves more time. You will be able to spend time with the pet, which will relieve you from unnecessary depression thoughts.

49.Don’t think too much about problems at night.
Usually the depression increases and goes to peak at night. Don’t think too much about problems at night. Think about it in the morning.

50. Dont stay idle.
Idle mind is a devil's workshop. If you are idle your mind will start thinking about some problems and make you more in depression.

51. Do Cooking and create new recipes.
Try cooking a new recipe and finding a different food today. Try to research new recipes. You will be more occupied with this that you will forget other thoughts. Try taking a recipe, which will take you long time. In the same time try new recipes.

52. Go Shopping.
Shopping will take your time and mind much more than you think. Try to go shopping to a location far away from your home. Your mind will be preoccupied with the shopping list that your depression thoughts will get lost in it.

53. Seek professional help.
Seek the professional help of doctors if necessary. They will explain it in a more understandable way of the patients.

54. Online Chat.
You can chat online and meet new friends and share your ideas with them. This will make your mood change from the depressed mood.

55.Positive Attitude.
Have a positve  attitude in life that you can get out of this depression and come out of it. This itself will make you come out of it.

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kuppuraj said...

Great Excellent one !!!!!!!!!!!
post valuable like this .....
now a days am expecting more on uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

with love

Kannan said...

Nice, add also another point. Reading your blog.


Mizé said...

Hi. I think it was a good idea to share this tips because many people don´t know what to do. One big problem in depression seems to be lack of motivation, so starting new projects seem impossible to people that are suffering from severe depression. Most are more comfortable doing things they´re used to and don´t want to start new stuff, so the best tip is to reorganize their agenda in a way that includes activities they really enjoy.
I would add one more tip: Ask help to a Cognitive Psychologist, because where I live Psychiatrists and Doctors will only prescribe medication. Recent studies found that cognitive therapy together with medication and has a high percentage (60-70%) of success.

Robert W. said...

Thats awesome that you posted these tips because I couldn't agree more with Mizé - there aren't many people that actually, in fact, know where to look or what to look for when trying to free themselves from depression and its' thoughts. Excellent post!

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