In the current world finding what you want can be achieved more easily by searching than by other means. Currently Google, Yahoo, Msn are the popular search engines which are mostly used to search. When the user searches these search engines, the search engines put sponsered search in the top of the searches  to generate revenues. Using Scour you can search and get the results of all these three engines to you in a single page. Morover Every Scour member is able to vote each listing up or down based on its relevance to their keyword as well as comment on their experiences with the site.

You will also get paid the time you took to search and get the results. This does not happen when you search in the popular search engines. you also get paid to vote and comments you give. Every member is awarded one point for every search, two for a vote and three for a comment with a maximum of 4 points a search. Once you aggregate at least 6,500 points you can cash them out for a $25 Visa gift card. Dont you think it is cool. You can also sort

Which Search Engines Searched?
Google, Yahoo, MSN

1 points for search
2 points for vote
3 points for comment

Your Fiends - 25% of their points.
6500 points -$ 25 visa Gift card.

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2.homepages friends.
    This site allows shows the search results from yahoo. You will also have the options of gadgets, shops, my bookmarks, my blogs tabs available. Currently some of these tabs are only functional.

Which Search Engines Searched?

You                      50% of Total Search Revenue.
Your Friends          10% of their revenue from their searches.
Your Friends  +      5% of their Revenue
Your friends + +     2.5% of their Revenue

For a search you are paid $0.01

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  You can use slashmySearch to search and get paid for your searches. SlashmySearch searches in sites Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, the Google and provide you results. It also has introduced search results from amazon.com and ebay.com. They also provide a toolbar to search easily from your browser. It keeps track of what the user searches most and update their databases with this information. It also provides keyword lookup search facility. Thumbnail preview of search is also available.

Which Search Engines Searched?
Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, Ebay, Amazon

$0.25  per hour - up to $180 per month.
$0.15 per Refferal - up to $1080 per month.
$0.5 per hour - up to $750 per month

Click here to visit the site.

4.Search Cactus.
     Search Cactus is a search engine where you get paid to each website you visit through this site. This is available for U.S and canadian members only. All you need is to register in the site, then start searching or use Quick cash to get paid

$0.02 for single website
$3.00 for Registering

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Winzy is a search engine where you can search to win free prizes. While you are searching you will get an alert that you have won these. These winning happens randomly. So if you browse at the time and you are lucky. you will win it.

You will earn 1 point per search and can earn up to 30 points per day
Earn points just by searching on Winzy
Earn points by inviting friends to join Winzy
Each point is a free entry into our monthly sweepstakes

Click here to visit the site.

Blingo is a search engine which uses google to search and show results to the user. Each search you do is a chance to win prizes. They anounce the winner by selecting the person who search after the winning time. Those who are US members can only participate in this.

Each search (up to 25 per day) is a chance to win great prizes instantly.

Click here to visit the site.
7. SwagBucks.

Swag Bucks is a search based on Google and Ask.com which allows you to search web, images, videos and news and see the results. You earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive SwagBucks.com. You can earn SwagBucks by searching online. You can earn SwagBucks by referring friends and get up to $100. You can also earn SwagBucks for shopping online. Nowadays these kind of sites are becoming popular and give rewards to use their Search Engines.

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