1. mynoteIT

This is a cool site where you can not only manage notes online but also do more like.

  • Upload Word and OpenOffice documents, images of scanned notes and audio notes
  • Keep track of all your upcoming assignments and get them done with your to-do list.
  • Instantly search your notes or the mynoteIT community notes, and learn something new.
  • Create a bookmark list of the most helpful and useful notes you find.
  • Add friends to your friends list to easily keep in touch with each other.
  • Access your notes on your mobile phone via mynoteIT Mobile.
This is avauilable for free.

 Click here to visit this site

2. shortText

shortText.com is a simple tool to post text online, with minimum fuss. No sign ups, no sign in, just instant web presence for your information.

  • Link Image or video
  • Make the note as private so that you can unlock the note and see only with the key
  • Allow users to enter comments for the note.
   You can buy url for Cost of subscription = US $2 per year. This is applicable at the time when the article is posted. This can change

Click here to visit this site


 Using privnote you can send disposable notes where they get destroyed after theu have been read
  • You can send notes with self destruct after being read.
  • You can give your email address and note reference to get notified once the note gets read,
   This is avauilable for free.

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4. YourDraft

Using YourDraft you can share drafts or notes online. YourDraft creates a random personal code everytime when you create a draft
  • 100% clientside encryption. Only you can read your docs!
  • Share without passwords
  • If email provided the secret url is mailed to you
  • Click here to visit this site.


Using clip you can create in 3 easy steps. First make your clip example: http://cl1p.net/Test.Then enter the notes and set options, then third step when you want get it by calling the url.
  • Clip Type setting options plain text,rich text, message board.
  • Options to keep password for note and restricting views
  • Option to provide email to recover note if password is forgotton
  • Upload multiple files upto 11 files and 30 MB Max
  • Set size of the clip upto 60 rows
  • Print option,extras
  • Upload images and more...
This is available for free.

Click here to visit this site.

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