In the current trend Getting placed in a good job with is very hard. Everyone is learning new skills to keep up to date with the market. For networking peoples there are lots of skills to learn and get specialized, and that too if they are Certified by cisco their future is rest assured. If a networking person chooses to do a certification in CISCO, he first has to decide whether to choose general or specialized certification. There are many specialized certification such as security, IP telephony, and wireless available.

Before applying for a certification the network professionals should fulfill the prerequisites for the certification if any, which is mandatory. You can find all details of certification provided by the Cisco here.

Getting a Cisco certification has its own advantages. It will easily help you to attain next levels in your career and boost your growth. You can overcome the obstacles and challenges in the networking easily.My friend was trying hard to move to next level in networking, but once he has done cisco certification he got a better oppurtunity in another company and got placed. Once you are Cisco certified, you can easily get placed in top companies. Nowadays many companies employ networking professionals who are certified. Even though you are well experienced in the networking field You will miss these kind of good opportunities because of certification. So it is better to do a CISCO Certification, which is an added advantage.

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