What is EntreCard?
Most people will be aware of EntreCard. EntreCard is a 125x125 image which represent a blog which can be paid to get advertised in other blogs and also be used to earn credits for advertising in your blogs. These credits have become popular that it is getting sold in ebays and other places. Click here to visit EntreCard.

You can purchase 1000 credits for $2.5 by sending me a eMail . Note PayPal is only accepted.

18 Reasons why you get less visitors from EntreCard.

If you noticed some people will get less visits from entre card droppers than other entre card droppers. The reasons are

1. Reason: Your website takes much time to load.
    Solution: Change the no of posts you show on your site and also reduce the widgets.

2. Reason: People could not find your entreCard widget easily.
    Solution: Put it in the page where the user does not need to scroll much to click.

3. Reason: You do not drop back on people who dropped you.
    Solution: Drop around 15 Ec atleast a day.

4. Reason: You drop on other blogs, which content is not related to your blog.
Solution: Drop on blogs related to your blog category.

5. Reason: You don't spend EntreCard points to advertise on other site. Do some advertising on other site.
   Solution: Advertise on other blogs and also on new blogs.

6. Reason: Your content is not updated in the past few days. If people wants to come
    Solution: If you are dropping on the same site, check whether your site content is updated, Or else he would see the same content and get bored. Or drop on some other site which you haven't dropped long.

7. Reason: Your site layout is not nice.
    Solution: Get some nice blogger layout.

8. Reason: Too Many Drops on same blog
    1Solution: Scramble drops on different sites.

9. Reason: You drop more at blogs where U Drop I Follow link is not there.
    Solution: Drop at U Drop I Follow displayed box often

10. Reason: You have too many widgets that it is hard to find EntreCard widget
      Solution: Reduce the widget and make your site load faster.

11. Reason: You spend earn and spend less credits a day.
      Solution: Try to earn more credits and adveertise.

12. Reason: You do not give credits for commenting or dropping in your blog
      Solution: Give some offers of Entre card credits to who put comments etc..

13. Reason: You do not show Top Droppers list or Recent Droppers List in your blog.
      Solution: People would like to have their site name as credit in your site for them dropping often. And if you didnt mention it they will drop on site where it is mentioned.

14. Reason: Blog contains Duplicate or boring content.
      Solution: If your blog is boring no one will visit it often. So give some good posts .

15. Reason: Your EntreCard Image is not attractive.
      Solution: People also click the EntreCard more often if it is more attractive. So design the image to look attractive

16.Reason: Too many ads in your blog and content is less.
     Solution: If the content is less and too many ads is there people would not like to drop you often as they need some benifit from visiting your site.

17.Reason: Your EntreCard image does not express what your blog content will be.
     Solution: The EntreCard Image should express what your content will be.

18. Reason: Your EntreCard image is not placed in the right place.
      Solution: Place your EntreCard image in the appropriate place where people will locate easily and where the image is usually placed in most of the sites.

You can also purchase 1000 credits for $2.5 by sending me a eMail. Note PayPal only accepted.

These are the reasons why you need to use entre card to boost your traffic

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Definitely something to keep in mind...thanx. :-)

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