WordTracker provides a free keyword suggestion tool to display results based on the keyword it search. You can find more profitable keywords which will leads to more visitors for your site.

Once you give the keyword and press hit me, it will display 100 results containing the keyword and the total no of search results. Based on this you can come to a conclusion on which keyword to give in your blog so that you can attract more visitors for your site.
Packages Available:
Annual Subscription - $329 USD
Monthly Subscription - $59 USD

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2.SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool.

This is a nice keyword suggestion tool for bloggers. After you give the keyword  and pres submit you will see a table containing the keyword, WordTracker , Google daily est, Yahoo! daily est, MSN daily est Overall daily est Yahoo! and links to Suggest KW Discovery, Google Trends, Google Traffic Estimator, Google Suggest, Google Synonym, AdWords Keyword Tool, Quintura . Also link was provided to each field so that you can see the detailed search results of each one.
Another table was next shown containing links appropriate for the keyword to News Search, Directories, Blog Search, Tag Search, Thesaurus,Dictionary,  Encyclopedia, Classifieds, Products, Reviews, Local ,MSN, Answers, Audio, Video, Groups . You also have the option to export the results to csv file.

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3.Keyword Suggestion by 7Search.com.

Using Keyword Suggestion tool gives the result of the keyword ,total searches made for the keyword and the top bids for the keyword based on the keyword you have entered. There is also an option for keyword activity lookup where you can enter multiple keywords and see the results in a same page. This does not give the results of the keywords which is the cons in the search whereas multiple keyword search is a pros using this tool.

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4.Keyword Suggestion Tool by Submit Express
It uses Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery to get keyword suggestions based on your keyword. They display the keyword and the search result for the keyword.

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5.Keyword Discovery tool by Trellian.

This allows you to search keywords and find keyword suggestion based on the keyword you seached. It is aresearch tool which draws on a database of 36 Billion search queries from many different search engines around the world.
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6.Keyword Suggestion by ADDGOOROO
Keyword tracking is a part of the product of ADDGOOROO. You can purchase the product to use the keyword tracking tool.

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