Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Released

Friday, August 29, 2008 |

Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 was released by Microsoft with more features. The new IE8 has the following features.
Smart Address Bar,
When you type in the address bar the text will be highlighted with the list of sites from your history,feeds and auto complete.

Tabs with custom colors.
The new IE8 tabs when you Control+Click on a link from a site the new tab will open next to the current one and also inherit the same color of the tab from which it has come.

Smart Screen Features
In this new version, if a site is unsafe it will be shown to the user in the browser itself and ask whether to continue or not.

When you select a word and right click you have the option to translate in different languages and more with the new Ie8

Private Browsing
You can now add any sites you visit to Browsing History with InPrivate Browsing

Add Web Slices
You can keep with changes to the sites you care about most by adding web slices

See IE8 Features.
Download IE8 now.

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