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Vision is very important to everyone. We are using eyes constantly from the minute we wakeup till the minute we go to sleep. The way we use our eyes can determine how well we work throughout our lifetime. Over eighty percent of our learning is mediated through our eyes. Some may not heared about CVS , but you will come to know if you continue working on computers for more hours a day. After certain period your eyes blink rate gets reduced and you will have below problems. Then it will be too late to get it fixed. So take care of your eyes

Computer vision syndrome is a condition involving eye strain and fatigue, temporary weak vision, dry, irritated eyes, light sensitivity, and other eyes, vision, and muscular problems that stem from computer use.

The Symptoms

1. Eyestrain
Eyestrain , mostly occurs when we are working on something for a long time without taking adequate breaks. It can be caused by activities such as watching television, working on the computer, reading a book or studying for long hours. In such cases, your eye muscles become weaker. Dry eyes

2. Headaches
Headaches occor when your eyes became tired after a period of long time.

3.Eye irritation
When your eye becomes dry and while you blink, eye gets scratches which leads to irritation

4.Blurred vision
Blurred vision is your vision becomes blurry and clarity is reduced.

5. Temporary inability to focus on a distant object.
You were not able to focus the long object clearly.

6.Double vision
As the name suggests you will see doubles of the objects which you see

7.Neck and shoulder pain
as you work for long hours you get head pain, shoulder pains, back pains

Solutions for taking care of your eyes

1. Sit from the monitor atleast 20 inches away.
2. Consider a pair of computer glasses
3. Blink, breathe and break. Blink more often, take frequent deep breaths.
4. Take 1 minute break for every 20 minutes or 5 minutes break for every hour
5. Use artificial tears for dry or irritated eyes
6. Follow seating ergonomics to avoid back,neck & shoulder pains
7. Move your computer monitor to prevent glare by adjusting light levels
8. Increase font size on your computer screen
9. Adjust your monitor for the most contrast that you are comfortable with.

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