My encounter with a pickpocket

Tuesday, June 03, 2008 |

I was travelling in a bus from gopalapuram to mylapore. I was aware of pickpockets and i usually have a watch in my pockets. I was having my nokia mobile in top pocket and purse in my pant pocket. Before my stop was luz stop and the bus stopped at the stop. People who are getting down at that stop got down. I started to move toward the steps and the crowd in front of me was not allowing me to proceed. Then the person in front of me got out of the bus when the bus was about to take.

As i was in the habit of keeping an eye on the pockets, now also checked my pocket but was surprised to see my pocket weighted less and was empty. My mobile has been stolen !!! and i know that lastly only 2 people left the bus. I got out of the bus and started to go after 1 person. I checked both the pockets and there was no mobile. He told me that the person who took my mobile was escaping in front. At that time a guy in the back saw that the guy who i have caught was putting my mobile in his back pocket. I got back my cell and many people got closer.When i came out of shock to give some thrashing, he already left the event.

There was actually 2 persons and they try to block you from getting in the stop. At the lost moment they pickpocket you at that time and get down the bus while the bus was about to start. then they both get apart in different directions, if you caught the thief who pickpocketed you, he wil say that the real culprit is escaping in front and catch him before he escapes, while the one with cell phone escapes. If you are smart enough you will remember that nobody knows that your item is lost and this guy is the culprit.

Nowadays the pickpocket target cell phones and they can easily sell it for around 2000 minimum, while even if they get a purse they will get less. So guys be careful while you travel in the bus. If you have encountered such incident please put it under comments.

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