Blogger Draft Released

Friday, June 27, 2008 | has released new features for bloggers in Blogger Draft

Star Ratings
Now you can set the ratings for each post in blogger itself. To enable this go to layout and Click Edit in Blog Posts to see the blog posts window. In the window click the checkbox of Show Star Ratings. And you will see ratings

Webmaster Tools Verification.
A new link from the Blogger in Draft dashboard to take you directly to Webmaster Tools.You can learn more about Webmaster Tools at Google’s Webmaster Help Center

What is Webmaster Tools ?
Webmaster Tools is a Google service that provides with detailed information about your website’s visibility to Google’s search engine. You can see how often Google’s web crawlers visit your site, find out who links to your site, what searches are used to find your site, and even control how your page appears in the Google web results.

Import and Export
  Before there was not good tools to import or export your blog. now new features are

  • Merge two or more blogs into one
  • Move individual posts from blog to blog
  • Back up your blog to your own storage.
  • Move your blog somewhere else
To export your blog, log in to and go to the Settings > Formatting page. You’ll see the Blog Tools links at the top of the page for importing and exporting.

Embedded comment form
  Comments will be opened in a new window only now you can embeed the comments below the post itself.go to Settings > Comments for your blog. and choose Embeed below post to embeed your comments below post.

New post editor.
 The old blog editior is not user friendly. This has been changed to a user friendly one.

via [Draft Blogger]

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