#1.Yahoo Answer
Yahoo Answers is the most popular around the net. You will get points based on your participation and based on the points your level increases with privileges. You can get a point for just logging daily and points are reduced when you post questions.

Click here to visit Yahoo Answer.

#2. Wiki Answer
Wiki Answer is also getting popular these days. You can post questions and get answerred for it easily

Click here to visit Wiki Answer.

#3. Answer Bag
Answer Bag lets you ask questions in 4 categories. Social , Expert, Local, Shopping questions. Users can also vote for the each question with positive or negative vote.

Click here to visit Answer Bag.

#4. Mahalo Answer
This is recently launched by Mahalo. In this you can not only earn points but also earn tips from the person who post the question. Mahalo takes 25% of your revenue. You can redeem your tip from paypal or moneybrookers when the minimum checkout amount 10$ is reached.

Click here to visit Mahalo Answer.

#5. Sawaal by ibibo.com
Using sawaal you can post new questions or search whether your question is already answered. If already the question is asked, you can check the answers or if it is not available, you can ask it.

Click here to visit Sawaal .

#6. Question everything by wis.dm
Wis.dm is a place where you can ask questions and get simple yes/no answers.Here you can ask questions in different topic.wis.dm is a vibrant social scene where people can explore, experiment and connect.

Click here to visit wis.dm.

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A Singaporean in London said...

Thanks for the list! Out of the five listed, I've only tried Yahoo! Tried my hand at answering some of the questions myself. :)

However, I've not posted questions online as yet. More often than not, I'll try using Google Search or even rely on Wikipedia if I am looking for specific information sources.

But hey, will check out the sites that you've recommended.


Robert W. said...

Yahoo! Answers is pretty good, though, if you don't get an answer within lets say 5-10 minutes, then you probably won't due to how huge their site is and how many people are on it. Other than that, it's a great list!

going2oahu said...

I LOVE Yahoo Answers!! It is one of my favorite websites and my first choice for life's meaningful questions.

Often some of the answers are incorrect however there always seems to be a gem or two in there!
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Raven said...

I had to laugh cuz the other day my daughter tried to find something on Wiki Answer and the answer was, "I don't know. Look it up." So helpful.

pchi said...

thanks for the list!

I've never tried even one but maybe it's good to note them for future use

Metallman said...

Hey there. I use Yahoo Answers for my questions but I agree with "C K". If you submit your question and you don't get an answer within a few minutes, you might as well look else where. I'm sure it'll get answered, eventually, but having the internet, I'm sure you can venture elsewhere to get an immediate answer. Later.

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