#1. ServerCheck
Using ServerCheck you can check whether a website is working or not. You can also check Domain Ip Lookup and reverse ip lookup in this site.

Click here to visit ServerCheck

#2. Isthisdown
Now you can check whether a site is really down or it is not loading only for you using isthisdown.

Click here to visit Isthisdown

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webbielady said...

Thanks for sharing such info. I will definitely use this service to see what's going on and when i feel somethin's down.

Naomi said...

Great! Thanks for the resource!

Naomi said...

Thanks for the great resource!

Angie said...

Server Check is a wonderful program I have personally used alot! From looking up who owns a particular site to looking to see if a particular site is down this a wonderful service to use!

Thanks for the sharing the links

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