Useful 8 IPAD Productivity Apps

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 |

Finance App

1. Money for iPad

 This is an useful ipad App where you can manage your income with expenses.It also has handfull of reports to view the income/expense categorywise. Chart reports is also available. This is one of the top apps being used for managing your budget.


2.Money iQ HD

This App is one of my favourite app for managing the budget. In this App we can not only manage the budget, but also manage other assets, FD, etc.. It has also got very good reports to see the expenses spend against each category. Using this apps you can also enter notes against each expenses and also attach photos against each income/expense. Using this app, you can also export to csv file for more analysis. We can also backup the entered data and retrieve it later.


Project Management App

3. SG Project Pro

SG Project Pro is a project management app where you can create multiple projects, create tasks, assign resources to the task and manage the task status. This app is very useful for sending resource wise tasks to the resource individually and project wise status to the client. You can also generate resource wise tasks with status and send it vis mail.
4. Project Planning Pro

 Project Planning Pro is an useful app for Project Planning. Using this app you can create project plans and schedules easily. You can also import an existing Microsoft project plan Using this app, we can also see the grant chart for the project created.

Note App

5. Outline +

Outline + is a one Note App where you can create many notes in the form of a book. The same can be exported and opened from OneNote from windows. You can also attache photos from your ipad and write notes.


6. Penultimate
Penultimate is an app used to take notes, sketch, draw diagrams and share it across. The app also has the oprion of exporting it to image and email it.


Design Tools

Graffio is an ipad app which can be used to draw flowcharts and other diagrams. Once you have created a diagram, you can export into an image and send it via email. This is a very useful app for creating diagrams.


8.Astah UML Pad

Using Astah UML Pad, we can create uml diagrams.


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My blog redirects to

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 |

When I visited my blog, it redirects to I searched in google and couldnt find any solution. If  I visited  the layout or template designer, It redirects again to the same page saying "This domain name expired ". I found out that feedburner Subscription widget was causing it and removed it. And now it is not redirecting to the page. I saw many posts on the same topic but no solution. So I thought i could post how i solved it so that it can help others too.

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We send and recieve lots of emails daily. But emails sent to someone is so special that you would not have deleted their emails and will be in your memories for long time. You can make such emails from contacts into a book using memoir.

memoir is a site where you enter your email address and select the contacts which emails you want to select and turn it into a book within minutes and publish it.

You can also gift that person with this book.

Click here to visit here to Memoirs

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12 URL Shortners to get paid

Tuesday, May 03, 2011 |

We use many url shortners to shorten the link and then post it in blog or twitter. instead of using a random one why not use a url shortner which will pay you for it. Below are the list of URL shortner which will pay for the url shortner you put in your site will shorten your url and put a small toolbar on top of the page. whenever user clicks the ad you get paid 50%

Click here to visit is a url shortner where you get paid for no of impressions on visits of the link. The cpm varies across countries. please check their site to know full details. You will be paid when yu reach minimum amount $5 via paypal.  You can also get refferal bonus

Click here to visit
They will find a advert to be displayed before the link page is viewed.A credit $0.003 will be credited to your account for each advert.

Click here to visit

4.Link Bucks
Link bucks is a site which will pay you money when you leave the site you visited through shortened url. You can place top banner ads, intermediate ads ,popup ads using Link Bucks

Click here to visit linkbucks
Using url shortner you can use to earn money for each url shortened. The minimum payout is $3. You can also get refferal bonus

Click here to visit add affliate links to your url so that every time a user purchases via your shorten link, you will get a commission

Click here to visit is a url shortner which pays for each visit to your shortened links. You can earn more than $2.00 for 1000 links. Minimum payout is $10.

Click here to visit is a site where you can shortern url and allow them to put ads so that you can earn money based on impressions.

Click here to visit is a url shortner which allows you to shortern urls and get paid to share your links on the net. You also can earn more by uploading files. The minimum payout is 10$

Click here to visit

ispoot is a Url Shortner site which you can use to shorten your url and get paid for the visits. It pays more than $5.00 for 1000 visitors

Click here to visit ispoot


Link-In is a Url shortner site which pays it memberscash for sharing link shortened using it. It pays $1 for 1000 impressions.

Click here to visit link-in


LinkCo is another url shortner which pays for then no of shorened url visits using it, It pays $5 for 1000 Impressions. Referral bonus is also available.

Click here to visit linkco

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We are using passwords on the net for securing our data. A password is a secret combination's of numbers,alphabets,symbols which we use to protect our accounts. Here is a site where you can check how long it will take to hack your password. This site will tell you how secure is your password and how long it will take to break it.

Click here to visit

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