Useful 8 IPAD Productivity Apps

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 |

Finance App

1. Money for iPad

 This is an useful ipad App where you can manage your income with expenses.It also has handfull of reports to view the income/expense categorywise. Chart reports is also available. This is one of the top apps being used for managing your budget.


2.Money iQ HD

This App is one of my favourite app for managing the budget. In this App we can not only manage the budget, but also manage other assets, FD, etc.. It has also got very good reports to see the expenses spend against each category. Using this apps you can also enter notes against each expenses and also attach photos against each income/expense. Using this app, you can also export to csv file for more analysis. We can also backup the entered data and retrieve it later.


Project Management App

3. SG Project Pro

SG Project Pro is a project management app where you can create multiple projects, create tasks, assign resources to the task and manage the task status. This app is very useful for sending resource wise tasks to the resource individually and project wise status to the client. You can also generate resource wise tasks with status and send it vis mail.
4. Project Planning Pro

 Project Planning Pro is an useful app for Project Planning. Using this app you can create project plans and schedules easily. You can also import an existing Microsoft project plan Using this app, we can also see the grant chart for the project created.

Note App

5. Outline +

Outline + is a one Note App where you can create many notes in the form of a book. The same can be exported and opened from OneNote from windows. You can also attache photos from your ipad and write notes.


6. Penultimate
Penultimate is an app used to take notes, sketch, draw diagrams and share it across. The app also has the oprion of exporting it to image and email it.


Design Tools

Graffio is an ipad app which can be used to draw flowcharts and other diagrams. Once you have created a diagram, you can export into an image and send it via email. This is a very useful app for creating diagrams.


8.Astah UML Pad

Using Astah UML Pad, we can create uml diagrams.


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