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Friday, April 17, 2009 |

Many would have known about Hangman game and played it. For people who don’t know about hangman, here is a brief introduction about hangman. You have to guess a word. You will have to suggest a letter which occurs in the word. If the letter you have suggested is correct you can go to guess on another letter. If it is wrong, an element is drawn in the hangman diagram. You can continue on guessing the letters in the word until you find the word itself or the diagram is fully drawn. If you have guessed the word correctly, then you are the winner.

You can also find more Hangman Game Reviews. I founded out some greater sites to play hangman here. Don’t forget to check it out.

It is very interesting to play the game and it also tests IQ knowledge power you have. Here is one site which allows you to play the hangman for free. If you are a Hangman freak, you can also get the Hangman code to embed in your site. So if you want to test your IQ or relieve your stress try playing the game, it does not take too much time. Don’t cheat by searching the word in Google :)
Click here to play Hangman Game.

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