Top 5 Customizable home pages

Monday, December 22, 2008 |

#1. Schmedley
  using schmedley you can customize your home page with lot of widgets like weather, search Blog feeds, Calendar, To do list and more. You can also add more tab pages like you add in igoogle.

Click here to visit Schmedley.

#2. PageFlakes

  Using PageFlakes you can customize your home page and add lot of widgets and tabs to it.You can also add feeds and podcasts to your start page.

Click here to visit PageFlakes.

#3. NetVibes

  Using NetVibes you can customize your home page by adding lot of search, social networking, communities widgets and tabs to it. You can create a public page and easily share it with friends

Click here to visit NetVibes.

#4. BlogLines

  Using BlogLines you can create your customizable start pages. Bloglines support up to 9 languages.

Click here to visit BlogLines.

#5. Yourminis

  Using Yourminis you can customize your home page by adding widgets which are customizable. You can also share the widgets.

Click here to visit Yourminis.

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