Hey guys I just came across a very nice Cooking contest which is Great American Sea food cook off
contest. The contest is One of America’s most prestigious culinary competitions, one chef and one state will walk away with the title of King of American Seafood. Governor Jindal issued the challenge for states to send us their best chef and most delicious domestic sustainable seafood. You can also vote for the contest. My favorite recipe is Colorado Striped Bass Panzanella Colorado - Chef Paul Anders of Colorado

Check this recipe out. It is very delicious and you can see this recipe and more in http://www.greatamericanseafoodcookoff.com/ where you get a chance to “Vote and Enter to Win a Trip to New Orleans” I would like to vote for this recipe for this chef. I voted because i liked this recipe and also would like to win a trip to New Orleans. So if you also would like to cook off
and win, go to http://www.greatamericanseafoodcookoff.com/. Cooking domestic seafood has its own benefits like it is very tasty and fresh. you can also get it locally. I am going to try out this recipe right now. These recipes are also very simple to do and nicely lookable to show it to visitors. These chefs are experts inhe reciepe  it so, you should rally check it out. So why not visit the website and try it out.

Morover the Reciepe looks very attractive and delicious to show it in your parties to your friends and relative to cheer them out. As it is also very tasty, you will attract more people to this recipe. Morover who would miss a chance to win a trip to new orleans free.

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